Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Poorly sick

I've come to realise, now that I am a mother, that there is nothing worse than your child being ill. Especially a baby because they can't tell you how they feel or when they are going to projectile vomit all over you and themselves (which just happened by the way!) it's pure guess work.

Ava has had a cold for about 2-3 weeks and she has had a horrendous chesty cough to go with it. I will admit I am a born worrier but this is also something you do as a mother-you worry (all the time)! On saturday night Ava was sick and I mean she was awake every hour being sick. I'd started her the day before on antibiotics for her chest so I was worried it was that causing it. Anyway at around midnight on Saturday I rang Shrop Doc, which I think is a fab service, (an out of hours call centre, a Dr rings you back within the hour) Sunday she was no better so I was told to take her to the Shrop Doc clinic to be checked over, which I did. Was told stop the antibiotics. But now the stupid cough is back, my girl has been sick again and I'm worried AGAIN! So another sleepless night on the cards for me! Honestly when this cold is gone I will do a happy dance, I swear!

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Forever Loved, Forever Missed...

Today was always going to be a difficult day. A year since my brothers sudden death. I still can't believe it's been a year, to be honest I still can't believe he's gone! I miss him so much. I was 6 months pregnant when he died and I wish more than anything he could have met Ava. He would have adored her.

My mum has had a bench placed down here, it really is stunning and it's somewhere she can sit and think about him. As his ashes are up in Shropshire with us, it's nice for them to have somewhere down here. We took a quick trip to the bench this morning, I've said that every year I want to take a picture of Ava on the bench, it was freezing though so we only had time of a couple of quick photos and we rushed back to the car.

I do love coming down to my mums, she's a fab cook so I always put on about half a stone when I'm here!

We were feeling quite ill last night and thought we might have to come home today but luckily it seems to have only been a 24 hour thing.

We have a busy plan for the next few days. Shopping tomorrow, London on Thursday and taking Ava to see Father Christmas on Friday! Busy busy...

Friday, 23 November 2012


I don't think I've ever been so happy to finish work on a Friday and I don't think I've ever been this tired. I literally feel like a walking zombie.

Anyway, I have a nice week off next week. We're going down to my mum's in Milton Keynes on Sunday. It will be a bittersweet week for us all as on Tuesday 27th November it will be a year since we lost my younger brother. It was very sudden and tragic, he was only 21. I miss him every day and wish more than anything Ava could have met him.

We will be keeping ourselves busy, we're planning a trip to London to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park which I'm very excited about. We went last year when I was pregnant and we said we'd go again with the baby. Ava's also booked in to see Father Christmas at Milton Keynes shopping centre. I hope she doesn't cry!

So next week will be a bit of a roller-coaster week. But I am looking forward to taking lots of lovely pictures.xx

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Hi-Tops and Tartan Frocks

Today I took Ava for her 8 month health check up, where is the time going?!!! Next thing I know she'll be one! Time really needs to slow down!

Anyway, they basically asked me a bunch of questions about her development. I have no worries there, she's coming on leaps and bounds. BUT the one thing that I have always been worried/paranoid about as a mother is the big W- Weaning. Ava loves her food, I started her on baby porridge at 4 months and she now has 3 meals a day. However I'm not a fan of baby-led weaning. The biggest thing for me is confidence and basically I have none when it comes to dinner time. I am majorly paranoid about choking! Baby-led weaning is very much in with the Heath Visitors at the moment and they really focus on that.

Don't get me wrong if you can do it I take my hat of to you but it really makes me nervous. Obviously Ava won't be on pureed food until she's 3, it's just something I need to get my head around.
Ava loves Ella's Kitchen pouches and I must admit I do too, they do a fab variety of food, pureed fruit and veg from 4 months and more texturised food from 7months. I like that word texturised, Ava used to be on the standard jars when I first started weaning but when I moved it up a notch to the 6month jars I wasn't a fan of the big lumps of veg and pasta. Ella's Kitchen have got it just right though! Annabel Karmel is another good one. Her book on weaning is fab and the recipes are really easy to make.

So a few weeks ago my mum bought me a hand blender, my dad had already given us a steamer so I was good to go, these are the tools you will need to start your puree making. I made one for Ava today that went down a treat and here it is. (Bearing in mind that Ava is 8months old, this puree would be too lumpy for babies starting weaning). This recipe makes about 3 pots worth, so you can freeze or chill them.

Leek, potato, broccoli & cheese:
1 leek
1 potato
2 florets of broccoli
handful of grated cheddar cheese

-Cut of the ends of the leek and chop, peel and chop the potato and cut the broccoli florets in half.
-Steam the potatoes for 10mins, add leeks and broccoli, steam for a further 6mins.
-Put all of the veg into a hand blender, add the cheese and two tablespoons of water from the steamer.
-Blend and it's ready.

Below are some pictures from our day together today, I love Wednesdays as it's my day off work. I took Ava to the garden centre to look at the fish and the Christmas decorations.

She wore a very cute dress from Next today which comes with cream cable knit tights. Her furry hi-tops are from Zara baby.


Saturday, 17 November 2012

Matchsticks needed...

Teething is officially the devil! Not only has Ava got a cold but we're waiting for her two top teeth to break through. We have both bottom teeth. These came through around September time, when we were on holiday no less! Teething has turned my usually happy girl into a grumpy gremlin who has woken every night this week. I'm not going to lie though, at 8 months old Ava has never been great at the sleeping-through thing. So I am always very envious (jealous) of very very lucky people whose babies sleep through. Last night we probably got about 5 hours...

Anyway, teething, we have found that our indispensible teething products are- Ashton & Parsons teething powder. You can usually get this from Boots and it cost about £4/5 it's a very small box which comes with about 20 sachets of white powder which you put directly onto babys' tongue. Half a sachet for under 6months and a whole sachet for over. We've found this works a treat with Ava. She does'nt mind having it on her tongue so it must not taste of anything (she HATES the Bonjela teething gel). I could only occasionally get this in Boots though and I've had to buy it a couple of times of the internet making it more expensive. I've you see some whilst out shopping-GET IT! It will come in handy trust me! Another quick fix is Anbesol. You can get this over the counter and again costs about £4/5 I only tend to use this is Ava is very tearful as it's quite strong. It works straight away as it's an antiseptic/ anesthetic, it smells quite strongly and you only need to dab your finger in it and rub it on the gums.

Ava's first cold has not been an enjoyable experience either! She quite chesty and flemmy and I just want to be able to blow her nose of clear her throat. Poor little mite! I've been using Snuffle Babe, basically a baby Vicks, on her chest at night and I've been giving her Tixylix. Fingers crossed she seems a little better  today as she's having her first sleepover at my dad and stepmums'!

Depending on how cold it is outside today, I may take Ava to the park for her first ride on a swing...




I've wanted to start a blog for some time, I've always enjoyed writing. Trouble is I never really had anything to write about. I like clothes but I'm not a die-hard fashion follower. I like make-up but I usually stick to what I like and I'm not into paying a ridiculous amount of money on different lipsticks. But in March of this year I became a mummy for the first time. And it hit me like a train! On 13th March 2012 at 11.29pm exactly. My world was never the same again. 

Being a parent is flippin' hard work! But so rewarding. So I thought that's what I can write about- my lovely daughter and our day to day discoveries. Warts an all. So here goes...

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