Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Hi-Tops and Tartan Frocks

Today I took Ava for her 8 month health check up, where is the time going?!!! Next thing I know she'll be one! Time really needs to slow down!

Anyway, they basically asked me a bunch of questions about her development. I have no worries there, she's coming on leaps and bounds. BUT the one thing that I have always been worried/paranoid about as a mother is the big W- Weaning. Ava loves her food, I started her on baby porridge at 4 months and she now has 3 meals a day. However I'm not a fan of baby-led weaning. The biggest thing for me is confidence and basically I have none when it comes to dinner time. I am majorly paranoid about choking! Baby-led weaning is very much in with the Heath Visitors at the moment and they really focus on that.

Don't get me wrong if you can do it I take my hat of to you but it really makes me nervous. Obviously Ava won't be on pureed food until she's 3, it's just something I need to get my head around.
Ava loves Ella's Kitchen pouches and I must admit I do too, they do a fab variety of food, pureed fruit and veg from 4 months and more texturised food from 7months. I like that word texturised, Ava used to be on the standard jars when I first started weaning but when I moved it up a notch to the 6month jars I wasn't a fan of the big lumps of veg and pasta. Ella's Kitchen have got it just right though! Annabel Karmel is another good one. Her book on weaning is fab and the recipes are really easy to make.

So a few weeks ago my mum bought me a hand blender, my dad had already given us a steamer so I was good to go, these are the tools you will need to start your puree making. I made one for Ava today that went down a treat and here it is. (Bearing in mind that Ava is 8months old, this puree would be too lumpy for babies starting weaning). This recipe makes about 3 pots worth, so you can freeze or chill them.

Leek, potato, broccoli & cheese:
1 leek
1 potato
2 florets of broccoli
handful of grated cheddar cheese

-Cut of the ends of the leek and chop, peel and chop the potato and cut the broccoli florets in half.
-Steam the potatoes for 10mins, add leeks and broccoli, steam for a further 6mins.
-Put all of the veg into a hand blender, add the cheese and two tablespoons of water from the steamer.
-Blend and it's ready.

Below are some pictures from our day together today, I love Wednesdays as it's my day off work. I took Ava to the garden centre to look at the fish and the Christmas decorations.

She wore a very cute dress from Next today which comes with cream cable knit tights. Her furry hi-tops are from Zara baby.


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