Saturday, 17 November 2012

Matchsticks needed...

Teething is officially the devil! Not only has Ava got a cold but we're waiting for her two top teeth to break through. We have both bottom teeth. These came through around September time, when we were on holiday no less! Teething has turned my usually happy girl into a grumpy gremlin who has woken every night this week. I'm not going to lie though, at 8 months old Ava has never been great at the sleeping-through thing. So I am always very envious (jealous) of very very lucky people whose babies sleep through. Last night we probably got about 5 hours...

Anyway, teething, we have found that our indispensible teething products are- Ashton & Parsons teething powder. You can usually get this from Boots and it cost about £4/5 it's a very small box which comes with about 20 sachets of white powder which you put directly onto babys' tongue. Half a sachet for under 6months and a whole sachet for over. We've found this works a treat with Ava. She does'nt mind having it on her tongue so it must not taste of anything (she HATES the Bonjela teething gel). I could only occasionally get this in Boots though and I've had to buy it a couple of times of the internet making it more expensive. I've you see some whilst out shopping-GET IT! It will come in handy trust me! Another quick fix is Anbesol. You can get this over the counter and again costs about £4/5 I only tend to use this is Ava is very tearful as it's quite strong. It works straight away as it's an antiseptic/ anesthetic, it smells quite strongly and you only need to dab your finger in it and rub it on the gums.

Ava's first cold has not been an enjoyable experience either! She quite chesty and flemmy and I just want to be able to blow her nose of clear her throat. Poor little mite! I've been using Snuffle Babe, basically a baby Vicks, on her chest at night and I've been giving her Tixylix. Fingers crossed she seems a little better  today as she's having her first sleepover at my dad and stepmums'!

Depending on how cold it is outside today, I may take Ava to the park for her first ride on a swing...


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