Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Poorly sick

I've come to realise, now that I am a mother, that there is nothing worse than your child being ill. Especially a baby because they can't tell you how they feel or when they are going to projectile vomit all over you and themselves (which just happened by the way!) it's pure guess work.

Ava has had a cold for about 2-3 weeks and she has had a horrendous chesty cough to go with it. I will admit I am a born worrier but this is also something you do as a mother-you worry (all the time)! On saturday night Ava was sick and I mean she was awake every hour being sick. I'd started her the day before on antibiotics for her chest so I was worried it was that causing it. Anyway at around midnight on Saturday I rang Shrop Doc, which I think is a fab service, (an out of hours call centre, a Dr rings you back within the hour) Sunday she was no better so I was told to take her to the Shrop Doc clinic to be checked over, which I did. Was told stop the antibiotics. But now the stupid cough is back, my girl has been sick again and I'm worried AGAIN! So another sleepless night on the cards for me! Honestly when this cold is gone I will do a happy dance, I swear!

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