Wednesday, 12 December 2012

And we're off...

Wowzers! Biiiiig developments in our household this morning!! Ava has started to crawl! (I knew she'd start when we put the Christmas tree up!) well done clever girl!!

I also had a full night sleep (woop) so today was shaping up to be pretty good. Apart from the layer of frost outside which reminded me it was -2 and I managed to leave the house without socks on (!) I did have (thin) tights on mind.

So today I met up with some friends from work for lunch and later on went to Ava's Christmas concert. Big development for me also! Ava had something off the menu! Mashed potato and I mashed in some of my fish and peas! Go me!! She wore her santa hat which was a bargain £2 from Matalan and her new amazing rudolph jumper which was a gift from some of our friends.

Another thing I've found out today is that the light in our front room is absolute cack for taking photos. My hair isn't orange! Honest!

Some pictures from our day:



Blue Dog Belle said...


xo, Emily

Unknown said...

Awww...she is adorable! Stopping through from Bloggy Moms:)
Have a Great Weekend!

Unknown said...

Aww...She is adorable! Stopping through from Bloggy Moms:)
Have a great weekend!

Unknown said...

Thank you ladies! Very proud mummy! X

Kate @ DCL said...

What a sweetie pie! & yeay for getting a full night's sleep :)

Joan said...

Found you through the blog hop i'm co-hosting! Thanks for linking up, follow back if you'd like :)


Unknown said...

New follower from the Find & Follow Friday blog hop! You have an adorable little family! I would love for you to checkout my blog

northernmum said...

she is adorable!

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