Thursday, 27 December 2012

Done for another year...

Good grief Christmas came and went like a quick whipping tornado! And Santa bought me something I didn't ask for this year-a sick baby! Ava fell ill on Christmas eve-typical. She has conjunctivitis, a cold and a temperature so she didn't really enjoy her first Christmas at all. We were gutted, we'd been so looking forward to some family time but it's been so stressful! And now it's allover, for another year, I always find Christmas to be a bit of an anti-climax, all the weeks leading up to it, the anticipation and after a few hours it's over (yes I am feeling a little scrooge-like at the moment). Hopefully Ava will be well enough to enjoy herself next year, and she'll be a little older.

However, we've been very spoilt, thank you so much to our family and friends. Ava has had some beautiful things! I think we need an extension for all of Ava's toys! I'm looking forward to a nice rest for a few days until I go back to work. And in a couple of weeks Nath and I are having a night in Chester to shop and have a meal. I'm very much looking forward to that. No plans for NYE here, Nath isn't a big fan either so I think we're going to stay in. We're 20-odd coming on 70 I tell ya!

I'm also looking to revamp my blog, I'm even thinking of changing the name so if anyone knows of a good blog designer (reasonably priced) let me know. 




Dysfunction Junction said...

Hello Harriet!
Stopping over from the blog hop! Now following you on twitter! If you have a moment to follow back that would be wonderful!

Emily said...

Yeah - Christmas does get anti-climatic. Nothing Scrooge about it. I love the season and all, but it's over in a heartbeat. So strange to me.


LeiShell said...

What a bummer she was sick! Visiting your cute blog from the blog hop.

Unknown said...

It's terrible really I just feel very bloated from all the lovely food now! x

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