Sunday, 2 December 2012

Fitness part 1...

Urgh, I'm really not impressed with my "blog creating" skills. I am useless at this kind of thing, I want it to look good so if any one has any tips or can recommend any good templates I'm all ears!

 I'm back at work tomorrow after a week off, I've had one of those really slobby weeks off where all I have done is laze about and eat unhealthy food but I am determined to get back into the gym next week-after one last Indian takeaway tonight... I am one of those people who really hates the gym! But after having Ava I felt like I really needed to start going. I must admit I didn't put on much weight during pregnancy but it was the scary aftermath, I literally could not stop eating! I can fit (uncomfortably) into my pre-pregnancy jeans but as we are getting married in 2014. I thought I'd better take baby steps and get into that gym. I do really admire people who go on a regular basis and at one point I was going 3 times a week. But I've fallen off the waggon and need to get back on.

 So Tuesday night it's boxcercise night and probably the end of me! I just love food I guess, eating more than cooking and I definitely don't understand calorie counting or having a nibble of a cake or a lick of a crisp (what's all that about?!) I want the whole cake and the whole bag of crisps thank you very much! I will keep you informed on my fitness...

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