Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Is it Friday yet?!

For the past few days I've been lacking blogging inspiration, I've not done anything worth talking about and I'm SO tired, I like to call this the pre-Christmas lag. i.e racing around like a headless chicken buying last minute gifts for those people so hard to buy for! And then there's the wrapping, I'm officially the world's worst wrapper and this year I have found out how awkward children's toys are to wrap! Ridiculous! I was wrestling with the paper and sellotape for about an hour last night! I can't believe that this time next week Christmas will be over, crazy!!

Today Ava and I are having a well deserved PJ day, it's tipping it down too so I'm quite glad to be staying indoors! I thought that I would do a post about baby skincare since Ava's skin has become quite dry in places, she has a few dry patches behind her legs and now that she's crawling her knees are quite dry too. I've used Johnson's since she was born but I made the mistake of buying a supermarket brand baby bubble bath. I now feel super guilty because I think that this is the cause. I'm a great believer in you get what you pay for so I forked out on some more expensive brands and I'm glad I did.

I bought her some Earth Friendly Baby Organic Chamomile Bubble Bath (try to say really fast 5 times!) which was about £5 I've heard good things about this, it smells lovely and doesn't have the thick consistency of other bubble baths, I also bought her some Miamoo Huggy Lotion, about £4.99. I was expecting a sweeter scent as it's marshmallow & sweet almond but the consistency was nice, again not too thick, it was easy to rub in. I'm so pleased I bought these products as I'm starting to see results already. Last night was the third night using them and her elbows were noticeably softer as were some of the dry patches on her chest and legs. Definitely recommended and you and get them in Boots.

I'll leave you with some pictures of Ava on the move.

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