Tuesday, 11 December 2012

My weaning wobblies...

Okay so this is one of my super sore subjects!! As a mum you always want to feel like you're doing your best but I'm definitely failing on this one.

Ava has been on solids for a while now and she loves her food, and before she got teeth I was rather brave giving her rusks and banana to suck on. But then she developed teeth and that quickly changed. So as you may of realised I can be a bit paranoid but this, the big scary W (that's weaning by the way) really freaks me out and I need to put a stop to it NOW!! Yes I make Ava her own purees, they can be quite lumpy. But I need to introduce some meat! We're carnivores in this house!

She goes to nursery twice a week which I am so happy with and she loves it, and every day they send a cute little diary back home with what she's been up to and what she's eaten. She's had garlic bread, crumpets, pasta, everything! I'm SO pleased but I would never have the guts to give her stuff like that at home. Tonight I steamed up some potato, cut up some ham, bunged in some cheese, et voila! Ham & cheese jacket potato non?! NON! Gag, gag, cough, splutter. Sigh, fail!

 So how I can I ease myself into this one? I want Ava to try new things and not be subject to mushed veg for the rest of her life! How do I get over the choke fear?! HELP!!



Jaime Oliver said...

I still have the choke fear honey, i am not sure it does go away.

:-( xxx

northernmum said...

we did baby led weaning - i worried every time she ate a grape!

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