Thursday, 27 December 2012

New years resolutions in a nutshell...

Oh crikey, I think I might burst...

Remember that post a couple of days ago about me stuffing my face over Christmas? Well it happened and now I feel so sick and bloated but I just can't stop!!!

The food was amazing on Christmas day. Turkey with all the trimmings for lunch (with pate to start and apple crumble to finish, obviously), then for tea we went buffet style- my favourite as you can just pick at what you fancy. Then people always buy you chocolate, biscuits etc. In our case we also had chocolate bought for Ava but she doesn't eat it yet which means I have to (if I must. Such a chore). And yesterday we had another buffet meal followed by lots of takeaways and eating out in between. I'm going to become a biffer!! I just love food, and it always tastes better when you don't have to cook it yourself.

I feel SO unhealthy now but I just cannot be bothered to cook. Nath and I have decided that come January we are going to eat healthy/go to the gym/drink lots of water.

Haha! How long until this lasts?! At least the good intention is there!

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