Thursday, 20 December 2012

On Christmas day I will be...

...sat by the buffet stuffing my face. I was pregnant this time last year you see and all of the delicious things, pate, wine, squishy cheese...we're there tantalising me, reminding me that I was a whale and I couldn't eat any of it!! Well stuff you squishy cheese because this year I will be pulling up a pew at the buffet table and I ain't budging!

So you may have seen a previous post about fitness, well I went to the said boxcercise class and really enjoyed it! I know! I was shocked too! I was flipping aching for days after mind you. Anyway since then I've been slacking when it comes to the gym, I'm blaming the cold and the dark, wet nights which do not make me want to go to the gym. AT ALL!! But I am well aware that over Christmas I will be trying my best to eat my body weight in pate, it's what Christmas is about right?And I'll probably say that I'll go to the gym more often in the New Year. But let's be honest, I probably won't. Happy eating everyone!

Funny Christmas Season Ecard: A holiday miracle would be still fitting into my clothes after the holidays.
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