Saturday, 8 December 2012

The miracle of sleep...

When I was pregnant I knew that once the baby was here I wouldn't get much sleep and that I would be tired. Little did I know I would feel like a walking zombie, "I'm too tired" would become a regular excuse and if someone offered me a full nights sleep on a bed of nails I would happily take them up on it!

I think that every mother will agree with me on this one, if you don't have a baby you've never been truly tired I can assure you (unless you're doing some sort of sponsored "no sleep for a week" or something). Some days I am that tired I contemplate sellotape just to keep my eyelids open and I almost weep with joy when I finally get into bed.

Anyway, as I've mentioned before Ava's not the best sleeper, in fact she's crap (no offence darling but you are!), I even bought a book to see if there were any tips on how I could get her to sleep- it was quite frankly rubbish and swiftly ended up on the car boot pile! In all honesty I am partly to blame here, when she was still a few weeks old, and me being the paranoid mother that I am I used to put her to sleep in her pram downstairs with us in case anything happened while she was upstairs in her moses basket alone (I mean god-forbid she could of jumped out of her moses basket, crawled down the stairs and been out of the never know...), I also used to let her sleep on my chest A LOT (I actually used to love this and I'm quite gutted she's too big now) and last but not least we let her co-sleep (gasp of horror) that means we let her sleep in our bed. Not all night may I add but once she woke up I would plonk her in the middle and she'd go right to sleep.

BUT last night BREAKTHROUGH I had a full night's sleep *cue trumpets* (I did, poor Nath is on nights until Christmas eve so he was up at 2.30am, sorry dear) now when this happens, which is clearly not very often, I recap to the evening before and think about what happened that was different...well yesterday she had nursery until 2.30 (busy, busy) then Auntie Hayley picked her up and lavished her with playtime and attention (fun, fun) and she was up until quite late (8.30-9.00) so is this the secret formula?! I admit 8.30-9.00 bedtime is pretty late BUT if it works and we become a sleeping happy household I'm all for it!

I will try this again and see if it works, although to be honest I've probably jinxed it now! *sigh*

Can't sleep, won't sleep...
I win...
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