Saturday, 1 December 2012

Tis the season to be jolly...

Wow, December crept up on us pretty quickly! I'm looking forward to Ava's first Christmas this year. Honestly I've never been a huge fan of Christmas (bah humbug right) with having divorced parents I would drive here and there trying to spend some time with everyone and I used to feel so stressed out! I used to think "all this fuss for one day!" but now I have a child I think it makes Christmas so special and magical. I know she doesn't understand yet but I can't wait to see her little face when we put the Christmas tree up!

As I mentioned earlier we were at my mums but had been plagued by a sickness bug! Well on Wednesday we were feeling better so my mum and stepdad had Ava while me and Nath had a date night. We went to Nandos and to the cinema to see End of Watch-really great film! Definitely recommend it! Nath had planned a trip to London for the three of us on Thursday. We went to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park last year when I was pregnant and kept saying "we'll bring the baby next year". Nath had really planned the visit to within an inch of it's life so when I woke up on Thursday morning not feeling great I was so cross! I decided I still wanted to go and I'm so glad we did, we had a great day!

My advice to anyone thinking of getting the train or the underground with a baby is, well, don't do it! Or if you have to make sure there are at least two of you! All those steps! I always find the underground so unnerving! Ava's usual pram is a red Quinny Buzz and although I love it it really is not practical so we took Ava's Maclaren buggy with us which is much easier to handle. We wrapped Ava up warm and after missing the first train of the day we were off! Apart from a nappy explosion on the train on the way there things went pretty smoothly.

I can honestly say I was genuinely impressed by the commuters on the train and tube! On every tube we got on someone gave up their seat for me and on the train home people moved so that Nath, Ava and I could sit together. I really didn't expect it. People are always in such a rush in London but I was pleasantly surprised. We took Ava to Hamleys which she loved, then we went to Harrods for a mooch, just to say that we'd been but it does get a bit depressing when you realise you'll never be ever to afford a Chanel bag, EVER! Then onto Hyde Park. I love Winter Wonderland, it's definitely put me in the mood for Christmas! It's set up so well! We chose a good day to go, as it was a Thursday and as we were still in November it wasn't crazy busy. We had a decoration personalised for Ava so that every year she'll be able to put it on the tree. After a festive beer for Nath and a hot cider for me we made our way back to the station. Ava was such a little star all day, she loves being out and about nosing at everyone.

Yesterday my mum had booked Ava in to see Father Christmas in Milton Keynes. She was so good and had her photo taken on his lap-didn't cry. Her little face lit up when he handed her a present. They tailored the present to each child which I thought was a lovely idea, she got a cuddly giraffe which she was very pleased about. She then had a ride on the little train and we went to do some shopping. We bought her the most gorgeous outfit from Next. It's of my auntie for Christmas and I'm a bit in love with the Chanel inspired jacket! Yet again I bought nothing for myself! We came home later on in the afternoon. So it's been a bit of a roller-coaster week! Ava is still quite chesty so I'm taking her to the Drs later on. Hopefully we'll be getting our Christmas tree tomorrow!


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