Saturday, 15 December 2012

Week round up #1

Wearing- Lots of cosy knits and thick tights, woolly hats and scarves! It's freezing out there!! I think I've been wearing my beloved Burgundy Topshop woolly hat for far too long now, I need to invest in more hats!

Watching- Trying and failing to catch up on Homeland, we're 4 episodes behind but as Nath is on nights we haven't had a chance to sit down and watch it together. Also Made In Chelsea- yes trash TV is my guilty pleasure.

Eating- Bad things, LOTS of chocolate (blame advent calendars and cold weather) and I bought some Reese's Peanut Butter Cups yesterday, a little bit of heaven. Oh and I tried Ben & Jerry's "Winter Berry Brownie" A-mazeee!!

Listening to- Lots of Kings of Leon, getting very excited to see them in June. I listen to a huge range of music and I'm quite liking Taylor Swifts new stuff (and isn't she just a total babe! Jealous!), bit of Lil' Wayne too. Most listened to song this week is a toss up between Kings of Leon "Be Somebody" & Taylor's "I Knew You Were Trouble"

Thinking about- Christmas and what to buy people, especially the men in my family! Why is it so hard?! Argh!!

Highlight of the week- Ava crawling of course!

Picture of the week-




Oh So Amelia said...

Ava is adorable!
Stopping by from the weekend blog walk.
Love it if you'd pop over and say hi.


Alvina Castro said...

Hi! Here from Bloggy moms checking you out! Such a cute picture of your munchkin

momto8blog said...

what a great photo!! makes me smile right back...crawling is definitely a huge highlight...enjoy!!
I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can

Laurie said...

Your little one is adorable!

And yes- men are hard to shop for. My Hubby expects to pick out his own gifts then have me wrap them for him anyway! :)

I wanted to invite you over to our weekly Sunday and Monday Meet & Greet Blog Hop. Come stop by and join in!

Unknown said...

found your blog via GFC Blog Hop, i am your newest follower! Your little one is so precious, i love that age.


Kristin Dawn said...

Hey, new follower from the GFC blog hop. Very cute blog, can't wait to read more! :)


Anonymous said...

I am soooo glad that I found your blog! I am your newest follower and was kinda maybe sorta hopin' that you'd hop on by and follow me back!


Leyla [Thisdayilove] said...

Ava is so cute, must be similar age t my little one. New follower from GFC blog hop,

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