Thursday, 31 January 2013

Ava's January

In January Ava turned 10 months.

Here is what she got up to:

Ava discovered how to stand. LOTS!

Mummy discovered that weaning wasn't that scary and Ava discovered nice things like raspberries

and not so nice things like Marmite

We discovered that Ava has great style (even if I do say so myself)

And we discovered that mummy & Ava time is becoming so much fun


January review

My New Years Mantra:

Be nice
Think happy thoughts
Champion silver linings
Love all things (not just cute things like babies & kittens)
& when you do love- love like they do in power ballads (you know like on a cliff with the wind in your hair & your eyes shut.  Knowing you'll never know another love like this)
Watch out for dog poo
Smile at people- even grumpy ones
Be nice (oh I already said that)
Remember that anything is possible
& whatever you do always try to look on the bright side

How cute is that? I found it on the back of a card that I bought for my best friend from Really good

January is a funny old month isn't it. After the Christmas lag we all seem to stuff ourselves with left over mince pies and biscuit selection boxes until we can't stand our bloated selves anymore and go on a manic juice diet to get that "beach bod" that we never had. Ever. By we I mean me by the way.

I am 1 zillion per cent a summer baby. I HATE being cold and this weather just makes me feel like a big bag of misery. I can't wait for the Spring, when everything starts to come alive and I can start doing things with Ava instead of being stuck indoors. The poor poppet is picking up every cold & bug going at the moment too which is frustrating.

I don't mind February. The month of lurrve. It's short & sweet. I have my best friends birthday at the beginning & Nath's birthday at the end. And I will be super busy planning my special girls first birthday in March. Excitement all round!

So bugger off January and let the sun shine a little.


Wednesday, 30 January 2013

25 Random things...

I've seen this post on a few blogs and enjoy reading them. I thought that it would be fun to do one myself.

  • I used to be a HUGE Spice Girls fan. I collected the photo cards, I had the dolls of Baby & Posh and I even had a pair of those ridiculous wedged trainers that they used to wear. Oh and FYI I was always Baby Spice! 
  • I am fluent in French. We lived there for 9 years. Neither of my parents are French, I started a French speaking school knowing only how to say "hello", "cat" & "dog". I LOVED it!
  • I used to be a vegetarian
  • If Ava would have been a boy she would have been Freddie.
  • I love all kinds of music but my favourite is Hip-Hop & R'n'B
  • I am extremely disorganised and messy which I hate about myself.
  • I have a huge fear of spiders
  • I love cereal and always used to have a big bowl of Coco Pops before going to bed.
  • I'm instantly attracted to anything with studs or embellishment

  • My favourite pig-out food is Pizza (pepperoni or ham & pineapple) & Half-Baked Ben & Jerrys
  • The 3 items in my make-up bag that I can't live without are: Foundation, eyebrow pencil & liquid eyeliner
  • I used to have a red convertible Mini with brown leather interior that I adored but sold when I became pregnant.
  • 5 of my favourite films are Shawshank Redemption, Forrest Gump, Blindside, Dirty Dancing & Mean Girls
  • I would love to visit Thailand

  • I hate horror films! I have an overactive imagination & think about them for days afterwards
  • I am extremely squeamish and can't watch operations being performed on TV
  • I would love to write a novel
  • My alcoholic drink of choice is a Mojito or vodka/cranberry
  • I am a real summer baby. I love EVERYTHING about it! Even the smell!
  • Listening to the rain outside whilst I'm in bed is one of my favourite things to do
  • Give me a cup of tea and biscuits and that will shut me up for a while.

  • I can't wait to have more children
  • I love to cook & bake
  • I am a natural born worrier and I constantly worry about Ava. It's exhausting!
  • Chocolate and trashy TV are my guilty pleasures    

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Cara Box Reveal

Last month I signed up to participate in the Cara Box swap. Set up by Kaitlyn over at Wifessionals. I thought this would be a fab idea to meet some other bloggers as my blog is relatively new. A Cara Box is almost like a pen pal but with the added bonus of a pressie in the post (and who doesn't love a parcel). Once you've signed up Kaitlyn pairs you up. You have to create a box for someone and someone else has to put together a box for you based around the general theme. This month it was New Years Resolutions.

There were 3 of us taking part from the UK. I had to put a box together for the lovely Rebecca who blogs at Puddle of Grace and the equally as lovely Sarah who blogs at Life in a Breakdown had to put together a box for me! After emailing each other back and forth for a few weeks my box arrived! How exciting! It was like Christmas all over again. And so beautifully wrapped.

Now I will be honest here, the picture that I took of the wrapped contents is rubbish because quite frankly I got abit over excited and couldn't wait to unwrap it all! But it was honestly so lovely. All in coloured crepe paper with cute little notes stating what each parcel was for.

The three resolutions that Sarah went with were:
  • Drink more water
  • Create lovely memories for Ava
  • Get a little more creative & crafty
 First up in my box was this lovely photo album to store some of the many photos that I have of Ava. I was actually in dire need of another photo album so this was fab!

Secondly I received this gorgeous glass! It has imprinted on it "Drink water...pretend it's champagne" which really made me smile. This was such a thoughtful gift as I really do hate drinking water but I don't think it will ever be as bad drinking it from my fancy glass.

And thirdly  I received this amazing set of nail varnishes and nail art tools. I have always wanted to try these out but I have about as much creativity as a potato! I've tried out a couple of the nail shades already and I love them. I can't wait to start experimenting with it.

So there we have it! What a lovely lovely box! I can't thank Sarah enough. She is so lovely, as is Rebecca and I am so glad that I took part and got to know these ladies.

If you are interested in taking part follow Kaitlyn and keep an eye out for the next Cara box post!


Monday, 28 January 2013

Weekly Round-Up #6


I recently discovered the Maryjanefashion website after having a mooch on Jennie's blog (which is fab FYI) and I bought an amazing parka with leather sleeves and a furry hood (for £34.99). Unfortunately although I wear this coat every day I don't have a picture of it. So here is a cute picture of a puppy instead.



It is always on in our house. I can watch the same episode 100 times and I still laugh every time.

 I've been so good with my healthy eating this week but yesterday this happened...


Listening to-  

This week in the car we have had a mash-up of Kings of Leon & Drake.

How strange. Maybe they should do a collabo...that would be interesting!

Thinking about- 

Our holiday! In June we are off to Tenerife. Sunshine! I can't wait!

Highlight of the week-  

Yesterday we had a lovely trip to Toys r Us to buy Ava her new carseat. She's outgrown her old carseat and so many clothes. It makes me sad but also very proud that she is growing into such a lovely girl.

Oh how my baby has grown.
Picture of the week-

It just had to be this one.
I put marmite on her toast...I don't think she liked it!


Sunday, 27 January 2013

Co-Hosting I Love My Online Friends GFC Blog Hop

I'm Co-Hosting the I Love My Online Friends GFC Blog Hop people!
Welcome to another week of the I Love My Online Friends 'GFC' Blog Hop If you are interested in learning more about the hop and guest hosting, please read HERE. Well, are you ready? Let's go hopping! 
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3. You are not required to, but it would be great if you could tweet/like/pin/share this post and/or grab the button and share it on your blog. The more people that see this hop, the more blogs for us to visit and the more followers we gain.
Thanks and Happy Hopping!  
The Things We Find Inside

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Wedding Chat- Dresses

As I've been a bit lazy with my blog lately I thought I would give you two posts in one night (lucky you!).

As you are probably aware by now (If not where have you BEEN?!) I am getting married in 2014. In fact on Tuesday we booked the church! And we also changed the date, we've gone from June to August so I'm still hopeful for some sunshine (pretty please). Now let me tell you, myself & organisation do not go together very well. I really wish I was more organised but unfortunately I am not. However with the wedding I have surprised myself. I've been Pinning like a loon, emailing various companies and researching blogs. I've already book my photographer for crying out loud! There may be hope for me after all.

Anyway today I wanted to talk about the focal point of the wedding-The Dress! Now I have been Googling this like a crazy lady. The dress is important to me but do I really want to spend over £1,000 on a dress that I will wear once and which will end up confined to the loft for all eternity? The answer is not really.

Unfortunately I have fallen in love big time. I have fallen in love with Jenny Packham dresses. They are just perfection.

Being 5'4 I don't want a meringue, it would swamp me. Plus they aren't really in fashion are they (are they?)! I'm looking for something fitted, lacy and totally gorgeous and Jenny Packham ticks all these boxes. Unfortunately her dresses fall between £1,500 & £2,000 (yikes!) so I'm now looking for a cheaper alternative but have no idea where to begin!

Also I'm having a nightmare with my bridesmaid dresses. I'm thinking either a blush pink or peachy coral. I'm not a fan of satin so that's a no go and I'd like them to have something that they could wear again. It's a minefield out there!

As always, any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Weaning fears 0- Harriet 1

You may have read an older post in which I talk about my weaning fears, I'm not going to deny it-I'm a paranoid mother! There, I said it.

 But weaning was the one thing that scared me the most, choking is my absolute phobia, mainly because I wouldn't know what the hell to do! But I think that I am slowly getting over those fears.

Ava is 10 months old (almost 11) and up until a few weeks ago I was still uber-blending her foods and was petrified at the thought of even giving her a biscuit or a breadstick. However, 2 days a week Ava goes to a fab nursery where I cannot praise the ladies enough, they are brilliant with her and I know that at nursery Ava was having a huge variety of different foods: garlic bread, pasta bake, carrot sticks & crumpets... I had a chat with a couple of the ladies there and after realising I really needed to get a grip (!) I made her some toast. I could tell straight away that she'd had it before, she knew exactly what to do with it. And from then on I've really upped my game. She now has things such as scrambled egg on toast, garlic bread, baby pasta, cheese, sandwiches! I'm so proud of me!

The one fab thing that I have started to do is cook a meal for Nath and I and just blend the rest for Ava. I make sure that its not completely pureed so that she still has something to chew on. It makes mealtimes so much easier! I made a chicken roast last Sunday and that made 3 meals for Ava and the beef stew which I made tonight has made her 4. Result! Very chuffed with myself right now!


Friday, 25 January 2013

New start

Today has been a bad day, and it's only 2.00pm!

Ava is teething at the moment so a good night sleep is non existent in our house. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror at work earlier and almost gasped. I look TERRIBLE! My hair is greasy, my complexion is grey, my nails are chipped, I could hardly be bothered with make up this morning and I feel HUGE in my work trousers. Who is this person?!!

At the beginning of January I made the resolution to look after myself more, not that I'm a smelly tramp, but since having Ava the little things that I used to do such as applying fake tan have kind of slipped. I know that my priorities have changed but I still want to feel nice about myself. I also pay for a gym membership but have I been this week...have I heck!

But things are about to change around here! I'm sick of using the excuse "I'm too tired", sick of feeling frumpy & fat. So starting from today I am going to put the wheels into motion.

I am going to go to do some exercise, do my nails & apply some fake tan (oh & wash my hair..maybe..). And once the weather picks up I WILL go running!! I need some motivation as I'm pretty lacking that right now & I saw this great quote "Don't complain about things you aren't willing to work hard to change", I thought crikey that's me! Well not any more! I will keep you updated on my progress.

Wish me luck!

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

After birth secrets...

Below is a post written for my weekly guest slot on Babyhuddle.  

Have a read and let me know if you agree or if I have missed anything out!

So that's it, D day, i.e delivery day, has finally arrived! You are prepared for this, as much as you can be. Your hospital bag has been packed for weeks, the carseat has been fitted, you've practised the journey to the hospital a thousand times, the nursery is ready and waiting for that special arrival. After the pain, tears, sweat..swearing? Your baby is here! Thank goodness that's over! I'm sorry ladies but it isn't over quite yet. Actually this is just the beginning.
I was the lady who watched One Born Every Minute religiously, I read all the books, I was on the websites and I went to all of my antenatal classes. I knew how to prepare a bottle, what to expect from labour and how to put a nappy on. I had it sussed right? Wrong. I quickly realised that after my baby was born there were a lot of things that a book or an antenatal class couldn't teach me. And that was how to be a mum! They don't come with a guidebook you know, unfortunately. The week after Ava's birth it hit me like a train! I was now someones mother and I would be someones mum until the day I die! That huge weight of responsibility was the first thing to smack me in the face. When you have no one to look after apart from yourself the fact that you now have this tiny person relying on you to love it, fed it and nurture it for the rest of it's life is pretty terrifying. Especially when you can barely look after yourself, i.e me.
The next thing, I was actually warned about by the midwife taking the antenatal classes but I honestly didn't think much of it. Oh how I wished that I had taken more notice. When your milk comes in it is absolutely horrible. When the midwife described it as "feeling like Pamela Anderson" she wasn't wrong. One day I had normal sized boobs the next it was as if I'd had a surgical procedure over night, oh and bashed with a baseball bat for good measure. The only thing left to do is breastfeed or pump. I chose to breast feed. It's extremely daunting at first, I really struggled trying to "latch" Ava and in all honesty didn't feel comfortable about breastfeeding in public. I only managed to breastfeed for 3 weeks. I ended up with mastitis in both breasts and just couldn't carry on. Mastitis is when you milk ducts get blocked. It's very painful and you also get flu-like symptoms. Fantastic! Due to this my nipples also bled which meant that Ava was swallowing small amounts of my blood-which I was told was perfectly safe. This is before she projectile vomited red sick everywhere. Cue me having a hysterical fit and ringing the midwife, once I was home I must have rung them every day for a week. If you successfully managed to breastfeed your baby I really take my hat of to you. I wanted to do so badly but I just couldn’t.

 Then came the water works. I cried for about a week, everything set me off. It got to the point where it was getting slightly annoying. Having Ava was almost extra emotional for me after the death of my brother. I wished that he could have been there to see her. It was such a bittersweet time. But crying at everything was getting silly, I honestly still cry at most things now, X Factor, the adverts for mistreated donkeys, the lot! Having a baby has reduced me to a blubbering wreck.

I was also like a lioness, so protective over my baby. People were already talking about babysitting, taking her for walks etc. This made me ridiculously angry. She was MY baby! How dare they! Of course this passed within a few months and now she has sleepovers at her grandparents and is looked after by various family members and I love it that they all love and want her. Stupid hormones!
Of course now I look back and laugh about it. People always say that no one can tell you what it’s like to have a baby until you’ve had one yourself and it so true. Plus everyone is different so you might not cry for a week (it could be two...). Ava is almost 1 now, she has a routine and sleeps through the night. There is always going to be firsts for her and for me. It’s exciting and completely terrifying at the same time. It sometimes makes me sad that I’ll never be a first time mum again. But it’s so exciting watching her grow into a little person and honestly it’s not put me off having more babies. Being a mum is the best thing that’s ever happened to me.


Week Round-up #5

These were such a life saver in the snow. Thanks mum!


A BBC documentary called "Africa" narrated by the amazing David Attenborough. I love elephants and it's filmed beautifully.


I made this cake as a "welcome home" present for my lovely grandad who was in hospital for over a month. It's a Lorraine Pascale recipe. Lemon, Lime & Poppy Seed drizzle cake. Very nice is was too. Oh and I also made a chicken roast dinner. Just call me domestic goddess.

Listening to-
I LOVE this song. The Weeknd-Wicked Games

Thinking about-

My bed! Ava is having a rough time with her teething at the moment and we're not getting much sleep.. Poor sausage!

Highlight of the week- 

 Seeing my lovely grandparents after not seeing them for a whole month!

Picture of the week-

Some of my girl friends came over on Saturday night and Ava was so desperate to stay up with them...

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Wedding Nightmares

It's started! I've started having nightmares about my wedding!

Last night my auntie, uncle & little cousin (who will be my page boy) didn't turn up, my entrance into the church went all wrong and lots of guests didn't come!

I'll admit I'm a natural born worrier. I worry about everything! I will always think about the negatives instead of the positives and I hate that about myself. After doing some wedding research I read that the average wedding costs £14,500!!! I broke out into a cold sweat! We could never afford that in a million years. But, there is hope! After doing some MORE research I found this great little website Whimsical Wonderland Weddings and low and behold I found a couple on there who managed to spend only £3,000 on their big day. Better yet it was the EXACT wedding that we want. Down to the location, food, decor. They made most of it themselves which being the non-crafty type scares me a little but I must be positive! We can do this!

This has given me hope. I WILL be getting married! All is left now is for me to get some ideas and pop my DIY hat on.

Have you ever had a DIY wedding or know someone who has? I would love to hear some ideas or websites I could look at.

Friday, 18 January 2013

Let's Swap!

How do you fancy helping me out and it turn I will help you?

As my blog is relatively new I am looking for other bloggers to swap buttons with me for FREE! I will add your blog or shop button to my sidebar if you are happy to add my button to your blog.

So lets swap!

Grab button for A Rush of Love


Monday, 14 January 2013

Week round-up #4


I've been wearing this dress a lot. My mum kindly bought it for me to wear on Christmas day. It was £24.99 from River Island. It's so easy to dress up or down. I love it.


We watched this last night to see what all the fuss was about. Not sure what I thought to be honest...not great, not terrible...wouldn't necessarily recommend it.

 Oh Patisserie Valerie. You temptress. How I love thee *sigh*

Listening to-

 We have Swedish House Mafia's album in the car and I love this remix of Usher's Euphoria

Thinking about- 

Ava's first birthday. I can't believe that my baby will be 1 in two months!

Highlight of the week-

My weekend away with Nath was lovely! Loved it!!

Picture of the week-
I found this one on my camera from New Years Eve!

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