Thursday, 31 January 2013

January review

My New Years Mantra:

Be nice
Think happy thoughts
Champion silver linings
Love all things (not just cute things like babies & kittens)
& when you do love- love like they do in power ballads (you know like on a cliff with the wind in your hair & your eyes shut.  Knowing you'll never know another love like this)
Watch out for dog poo
Smile at people- even grumpy ones
Be nice (oh I already said that)
Remember that anything is possible
& whatever you do always try to look on the bright side

How cute is that? I found it on the back of a card that I bought for my best friend from Really good

January is a funny old month isn't it. After the Christmas lag we all seem to stuff ourselves with left over mince pies and biscuit selection boxes until we can't stand our bloated selves anymore and go on a manic juice diet to get that "beach bod" that we never had. Ever. By we I mean me by the way.

I am 1 zillion per cent a summer baby. I HATE being cold and this weather just makes me feel like a big bag of misery. I can't wait for the Spring, when everything starts to come alive and I can start doing things with Ava instead of being stuck indoors. The poor poppet is picking up every cold & bug going at the moment too which is frustrating.

I don't mind February. The month of lurrve. It's short & sweet. I have my best friends birthday at the beginning & Nath's birthday at the end. And I will be super busy planning my special girls first birthday in March. Excitement all round!

So bugger off January and let the sun shine a little.


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