Sunday, 13 January 2013

We escaped!!

I love love LOVE being a mum. Ava is the best thing ever but sometimes it's nice to take a step back and spend some quality time with Nath. It's nice to stop being mummy and daddy for a little bit and just be Harriet & Nathan. And this weekend we did just that. It was so much fun!!

We went to Chester which is only 45 minutes from where we live but it's a lovely city. I do love Chester.

Nath has been working his butt off this week so that we could afford a nice weekend and it totally paid off. We left ours early evening after Nath's mum & sister picked Ava up. Nath always says that he's booked standard hotels but always books fancy hotels as a surprise which is nice. I should probably start to cotton onto it now!

I wore the same dress that I wore on Christmas day. A navy, lace dress from River Island & my burgundy suede Topshop shoes that are a complete nightmare to walk in FYI.

We ate in a restaurant called Tropiero, a Brazilian restaurant, they cook the meat on open flames and slice the meat at the table side. It was amazing and really good value for money seeing as it's all you can eat. Chester has some great bars and as I'm partial to a cocktail (or 3) it was nice to try some new ones. In one bar I tried Caramelised Rum Punch when the bartender got out  a little saucepan and bunsen burner and made the caramel right there and then, very impressive!

It was very cold though so we were back at the hotel by midnight. Today I woke up hangover free, always a bonus, and we hit the shops after a lovely full English breakfast.

I got some right bargains! Now I have issues with jeans. Being 5'4 I'm forever rolling up my Topshop jeans (then again I'm probably buying the wrong ones) but my lovely friend Charl buys her jeans from Zara and they always fit her a treat. So today I bought a pair of black Zara jeans on sale for £9.99 and no rolling up needed! Sorted. Nath also picked up a top for Ava that says "I love my dad" it was only £2.99 so I let him. I also had a £20 MAC voucher to spend. There was just too much to choose from! But I love a good lipstick so I bought MAC's Russian Red lipstick which I've heard good things about and the Cherry lip liner. Then came Primark. Did you know that Primark now make gym clothes? No, I didn't either. I've been meaning to get a sports bra and a gym top for ages but I've never got round to when I saw a sports bra for £5 and a sports vest for £6 I quickly snapped them up. I also got an ombre jumper £12, a spotted shirt £10, a pair of slippers £2 and a new purse £5. We also got Ava the sweetest pyjamas for £3.50 I could spend far too much money in Primark! It's a dangerous place!

We topped the day off with a cake in Patisserie Valerie, after living in France for 9 years I never thought I would taste a proper Mille Feuille (custard slice) ever again, but Patisserie Valerie have made this possible. I would marry their cakes! Far.too.good.

We've also booked our holiday to Tenerife. We're going with my mum, stepdad and little brother at the end of June. I'm excited already!

So all in all it's been a very good weekend! But it's Monday tomorrow...



Unknown said...

Date weekends are always the best. You looked like you where enjoyed yourself. Have a great week!


mail4rosey said...

Well I can hear your accent through your post (accent to me anyway) and I love it! I'm your latest follower. Glad you had a nice bit out to yourselves.

Olga Becker @ Coffee+Thread said...

I love great bargains. I am your new follower. I would love a follow back

ms.composure said...

stumbled on your blog via the blog hop at:

VERY cute black dress girl!!
date nights/weekends are a MUST for any couple

New follower via email! :-)

Kate Pirouette said...

What a lovely weekend! You scored some bargains, shopping points for you! Would love to have a weekend away with my beloved, we've done it a couple of times, really must try and arrange another soon, you've given me the bug! ;)

KateJust Pirouette and Carry On...

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