Saturday, 26 January 2013

Weaning fears 0- Harriet 1

You may have read an older post in which I talk about my weaning fears, I'm not going to deny it-I'm a paranoid mother! There, I said it.

 But weaning was the one thing that scared me the most, choking is my absolute phobia, mainly because I wouldn't know what the hell to do! But I think that I am slowly getting over those fears.

Ava is 10 months old (almost 11) and up until a few weeks ago I was still uber-blending her foods and was petrified at the thought of even giving her a biscuit or a breadstick. However, 2 days a week Ava goes to a fab nursery where I cannot praise the ladies enough, they are brilliant with her and I know that at nursery Ava was having a huge variety of different foods: garlic bread, pasta bake, carrot sticks & crumpets... I had a chat with a couple of the ladies there and after realising I really needed to get a grip (!) I made her some toast. I could tell straight away that she'd had it before, she knew exactly what to do with it. And from then on I've really upped my game. She now has things such as scrambled egg on toast, garlic bread, baby pasta, cheese, sandwiches! I'm so proud of me!

The one fab thing that I have started to do is cook a meal for Nath and I and just blend the rest for Ava. I make sure that its not completely pureed so that she still has something to chew on. It makes mealtimes so much easier! I made a chicken roast last Sunday and that made 3 meals for Ava and the beef stew which I made tonight has made her 4. Result! Very chuffed with myself right now!


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Kate Pirouette said...

Bloomin' well done you! It IS a scary thing, not enough people voice that.
Kate x
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