Saturday, 26 January 2013

Wedding Chat- Dresses

As I've been a bit lazy with my blog lately I thought I would give you two posts in one night (lucky you!).

As you are probably aware by now (If not where have you BEEN?!) I am getting married in 2014. In fact on Tuesday we booked the church! And we also changed the date, we've gone from June to August so I'm still hopeful for some sunshine (pretty please). Now let me tell you, myself & organisation do not go together very well. I really wish I was more organised but unfortunately I am not. However with the wedding I have surprised myself. I've been Pinning like a loon, emailing various companies and researching blogs. I've already book my photographer for crying out loud! There may be hope for me after all.

Anyway today I wanted to talk about the focal point of the wedding-The Dress! Now I have been Googling this like a crazy lady. The dress is important to me but do I really want to spend over £1,000 on a dress that I will wear once and which will end up confined to the loft for all eternity? The answer is not really.

Unfortunately I have fallen in love big time. I have fallen in love with Jenny Packham dresses. They are just perfection.

Being 5'4 I don't want a meringue, it would swamp me. Plus they aren't really in fashion are they (are they?)! I'm looking for something fitted, lacy and totally gorgeous and Jenny Packham ticks all these boxes. Unfortunately her dresses fall between £1,500 & £2,000 (yikes!) so I'm now looking for a cheaper alternative but have no idea where to begin!

Also I'm having a nightmare with my bridesmaid dresses. I'm thinking either a blush pink or peachy coral. I'm not a fan of satin so that's a no go and I'd like them to have something that they could wear again. It's a minefield out there!

As always, any suggestions are greatly appreciated!
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