Thursday, 3 January 2013

Wedding Daze

On 25th December 2011, Nath asked me to marry him.

After swapping presents in bed he presented me with one last gift, a box, a Converse box to be more precise. "Oh you bought me trainers!" were my words.

But inside was a letter, the loveliest letter I have ever read about how he would ask me to marry him when he had some more money. Underneath the letter was newspaper and under the newspaper was a box. (I was still clueless at this point and actually thought it was a charm for my pandora bracelet.), inside the box there was a ring. And we were engaged.

A year on and the preparations have started! I'm VERY excited already and we're not getting married until 2014! Friday 27th June to be exact. I'm that excited that I've already gone and booked our wedding photographer. The fantastically talented Phil at PbArtWorks he is the creator behind the lovely photos of us and Ava. Including the one of her in the basket which I love. I'm so excited to be working with him again and I know that we will have beautiful photos to cherish forever.

We are having a church wedding, which I need to book, followed by a marquee on my Auntie & Uncle's farm. I'm excited to decorate the marquee myself and put my own stamp on it. I'm going for French Shabby Chic theme and am open to ideas or tips you might have.

I'm trying to cut corners and do some DIY. I've already become addicted to Pinterest (thanks for the tip Charlie ), I am thinking of having my Auntie's garden flowers as a bouquet, my mum is going to make our cake and I'm going to ask my uncle to drive me to the church in his vintage Mercedes.

 If any one has any cute tips or websites to share, please feel free.

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