Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Week Round-up #5

These were such a life saver in the snow. Thanks mum!


A BBC documentary called "Africa" narrated by the amazing David Attenborough. I love elephants and it's filmed beautifully.


I made this cake as a "welcome home" present for my lovely grandad who was in hospital for over a month. It's a Lorraine Pascale recipe. Lemon, Lime & Poppy Seed drizzle cake. Very nice is was too. Oh and I also made a chicken roast dinner. Just call me domestic goddess.

Listening to-
I LOVE this song. The Weeknd-Wicked Games

Thinking about-

My bed! Ava is having a rough time with her teething at the moment and we're not getting much sleep.. Poor sausage!

Highlight of the week- 

 Seeing my lovely grandparents after not seeing them for a whole month!

Picture of the week-

Some of my girl friends came over on Saturday night and Ava was so desperate to stay up with them...
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