Monday, 28 January 2013

Weekly Round-Up #6


I recently discovered the Maryjanefashion website after having a mooch on Jennie's blog (which is fab FYI) and I bought an amazing parka with leather sleeves and a furry hood (for £34.99). Unfortunately although I wear this coat every day I don't have a picture of it. So here is a cute picture of a puppy instead.



It is always on in our house. I can watch the same episode 100 times and I still laugh every time.

 I've been so good with my healthy eating this week but yesterday this happened...


Listening to-  

This week in the car we have had a mash-up of Kings of Leon & Drake.

How strange. Maybe they should do a collabo...that would be interesting!

Thinking about- 

Our holiday! In June we are off to Tenerife. Sunshine! I can't wait!

Highlight of the week-  

Yesterday we had a lovely trip to Toys r Us to buy Ava her new carseat. She's outgrown her old carseat and so many clothes. It makes me sad but also very proud that she is growing into such a lovely girl.

Oh how my baby has grown.
Picture of the week-

It just had to be this one.
I put marmite on her toast...I don't think she liked it!



Katy said...

Very cute pictures! I'm a new follower of yours through the I Love My Online Friends blog hop! Check out my blog if you get a chance and follow back if you like :)

MommyG2BabyP said...

I love this idea, I think that I may steal it and you may see it on my blog one day. LOL! Thank you for the great idea. PS- I am a FRIENDS addict. I too can laugh at the same episode a million times over. LOL!

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