Monday, 18 February 2013

Before I was a mama I never knew...

I always thought I was fully prepared for the wonders and wobbles of mummyhood but there are some things that I definitely wasn't prepared for.

Here are a few.
  • I never knew that my house would look like a constant bomb site. Despite many hours spent cleaning. Now I just roll will it and live amongst the mess (ish)
  • I never knew that if I ever dared to venture out sans-baby I would be met with cries of "well where is she?!" By people I know. As if I should be with child AT ALL TIMES. My future responses will be that I have swapped her for a Westlife CD. 
  • I never knew that clean clothing would be a thing of the past. Hey, what the point in even doing laundry. If I didn't have baby food smeared down my front or biscuit in my hair something went very wrong that day. (Or I had indeed swapped my child for a Westlife CD)
  • I never knew that playing with toys and singing nursery rhymes could be quite so exhausting. Now I wander around singing The Wheels on the Bus like some demented zombie.
  • I never knew that lack of sleep was actually a form of torture. Well now I know and can confirm that it is.
  • I never knew that I would spend all of my money on clothes for Ava and that I would walk around in holey clothes for the rest of eternity (well not quite that dramatic but you get my drift).
  • I never knew that I would become a pro nappy changer. On my knee? On a moving train? In the back of a car? NO PROBLEM!
  • I never knew that I would end up with the bladder of an old lady and would be up in the night. So annoying!
  • I never knew that I could love someone so much even when she pukes down my front or has a terrible nappy explosion I still look at her with googly-eyed adoration.

Is there anything about motherhood that you never knew but wish you had?

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