Friday, 8 February 2013

I was starving my child!!

Not actually starving her by the way, that would be beyond awful!

No, what I mean is I have never been too sure about portion sizes. I make my own meals for Ava as often as possible but some nights mama is just too darn tired to get the steamer out and chop the ol' veg so a yummy pouch does the trick.

Ava's not too fussy when it comes to food (yet) and she really enjoys the Ella's Kitchen range. Ella's Kitchen is a fab range of kiddie food from 4 months old. They do all sorts from purees to biscuits to cereal and they have just bought out a new range of fromage frais and rice puddings.

The very kind folk at Ella's Kitchen sent me some vouchers so that I could buy different bits for Ava to try. Well she pretty much loves them all and gobbles them right up.

Anyway, I usually give Ava half a pouch plus a fromage frais. I have been wondering for a while if I'm giving her enough. She never moans bless her (which has made me feel extra awful), tonight however one half of the lip smacking spal bol, with a hint of cheese, just wasn't enough. She munched the whole lot, plus a yogurt and a biscuit!! I couldn't believe it! I was so chuffed but then felt majorly guilty that I'd probably been underfeeding her! This mummy malarky sure is one big guilt trip. Lets see how she sleeps tonight on a full tum shall we.(By the way I wrote this last night, she still woke up 3 times *sigh*)

Tomorrow night she has mama's salmon and veg. That probably wont go down as well though.

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