Wednesday, 27 February 2013


Oh my giddy aunt! I can't believe that in exactly two weeks time my baby girl will be one!

I feel like I've been slightly AWOL with my blog and that I need to put my back into it a little more. My head has been filled lately with party invitation designing, dress shopping, a trip to my mums and Nathan's birthday.

I have SO much to do! We're only having a little tea party at home for family and some of her baby friends but I still want it to be a nice day.

Plus with all of the other things which I mentioned in my earlier post. I've been so stressed and it's really been weighing me down. I've been feeling a bit glum lately.

I really need to stop overthinking things or I really am going to explode! I'm terrible for it. And Ava still doesn't sleep though so I'm pretty much going crazy. 

I just need to breath and realise things are really not that bad. At all.

 Below are a selection of photos from my mums and some of Ava in her party frock. Isn't she lovely. (The frock is the one I was lusting after from John Lewis Baby in this post)

Nothing beats a good lamb roast



Emily said...

What a sweet dress!

You are being so cryptic with everything... so curious about what's happening! :)

EilidhPie said...

Oh she's jut gorgeous, I love her wee party dress! Xo

Unknown said...

Haha Sorry Emily. All will be revealed soon :) xx

Unknown said...

Thank you! A bit cute isn't it :) xx

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