Monday, 4 February 2013

Weekly Round-Up #7


I've been a little better at wearing my gym clothes recently. I've actually surprised myself and quite enjoy going. It's quite a sense of achievement when I start to beat my previous time record. 


I watched Only Fools and Horses earlier and it reminded me how much I love it. Nath got me into it and I love watching the re-runs. 


We've been doing well with our healthy eating. Nath has just signed up to receive a tailor-made food plan from a nutritionist. If I like the look of I'm going to get one made for me too.

Listening to-

Macklemore- Thrift Shop

I love this song.

Thinking about- 

My baby being ill again. I really want her to get better soon. Poor poppet! That is her new "thing" by the way. I think she's trying to tell me that I'm on the phone too much!

Highlight of the week- 

The night out with the ladies. So much fun! 

Picture of the week-

I love this picture of my nan with Ava. But I also love the one of her in her pram ready for her walk. She looks very mischievous

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