Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Zara Baby

I think I speak for every mum here when I say that I LOVE shopping for my child. Zara is one of my favourite shops and I'm always checking out their website. I did a litle squeak when I saw their gorgeous Spring collection.

It's great quality and affordable. Not to mention freakin' adorable.

Here are some of  my favourites from their Spring collection:

Twill Jacket £19.99

 Chino style trousers £15.99

 Stripped "Little Princess" dress £12.99

Trendy sandal £17.99

Studded ballerinas £17.99

Sweatshirt with clouds and star £9.99
 Floral print jeans £12.99



Unknown said...

The sweatshirt with clouds is adorable!!

Summer x

Kate Pirouette said...

They are GORGEOUS! It's probably a good thing that there isn't a Zara close to me, I'm not sure I'd be safe in there, I buy every one of those items!

Just Pirouette and Carry On...

Jillian Carreira said...

These are really cute clothing for your little girl and they mix and match perfectly!!!!

Unknown said...

Lovely isnt it. It would look super cute with a pair of shorts. X

Unknown said...

Gorgeous arent they! She obviously NEEDS all of these items...xx

Unknown said...

I've totally fallen in love with this new collection! Xx

Unknown said...

Aww this stuff is so gorgeous! I have two little girls myself, though they're 4 and 8 now, and I miss buying all this tiny stuff. Always looks so much cuter when it's small! A bit like bras I think... lol

Unknown said...

Haha! Thank you. Ava is so small, she'll be 1 next month but is still in 6-9 month clothes. Everything looks too big on her! :( x

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