Saturday, 2 March 2013

12 inch dogs & cocktails in pots.

So last night I went out to celebrate the birthday of this lovely lady, my good friend Charl.

I had a bit of a nightmare before going out as Ava wouldn't settle, so I didn't manage to get a picture of what I was wearing but the focal point of the outfit were these amazing jeggings from Zara, that I love. I've been looking for a pair of patterned trousers for a while and I have a weird love for grey plus these are so dang comfy (oh and only £22.99, a steal if anything!). I paired them with a plain baggy white tshirt, grey topshop wedged boots and my pale pink Topshop blazer. I did NOT wear the outfit below (Zara what is that all about?! Those sandals are pretty awful.)

We started our evening at Franks in Shrewsbury with some cocktails. I chose a Jamaican Sucker Punch, it was strawberry flavoured with (A LOT) of rum. Definitely packed a punch.

For my main I chose a Chilli Cheese Dog. Now I ignored the part that stated it was 12" long and I was pretty taken aback when it arrived. It was pretty good though. Shock I only managed half, I did have fries too mind you, and the chilli was rather spicy. I can't handle spicy food. My mouth is weak. I felt like "Woman Vs Food". Food won.

We then headed to our favourite cocktail bar Libertines. They do the most amazing cocktails. It's quite small so it gets very busy but we managed to nab a table. I ordered the Mad Hatters Teapot for Charl and I as a birthday treat. I actually don't know what was in it...I was more interested in the teapot & the cute teacups to be honest but whatever it was, it was bloody lovely! One of those lethal concoctions though which taste like pop but are probably pure vodka. It was only a quiet one and we ended the night around midnight. Just like Cinderella.

Anyway, that was fun.


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Loved the design patterns in the pant!!!

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