Tuesday, 26 March 2013

The Teething Monster

Every once in a while an unwelcome guest visits our house, every parent will know him. We call him The Teething Monster!

He's a horrible old thing who takes my lovely happy girl and replaces her with a dribbly, cranky gremlin child.

We've been quite lucky, The Teething Monster hasn't been around for a while. But on Sunday night he thought he'd pay us a visit, very kind of him. At 10.30pm Ava woke crying, nothing that I could do for the next hour helped. She didn't even want any of my mummy cuddles and pushed me away (which did hurt my feelings a bit I must say.) Ava has struggled with her teeth but some Nurofen or Calpol usually helps to settle her.

One of the things that I use to find indispensable when she first started teething was Ashton & Parsons teething powder and guess what? The discontinued it in Boots! WHAT?! Crazy right! It was clearly discontinued by a childless person. No parent in their right mind would discontinue such a gem. I miss it.

The Teething Monster is also full of germs and usually bring Ava a nice little cold or tummy bug to go with her poorly teeth. At the moment we have a stinking cold, horrible cough and atomic nappies. Good times!

I'm hoping that the Teething Monster goes soon and that I get my happy girl back.
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