Monday, 25 March 2013

Weekly Round-up #10


Honestly I was expecting to be in tshirts by now, not back to my winter thermals! What is going on with this weather?! Since we've been snowed in for the last 3 days I've been living in my onesie and PJ's! Guilty 3 day slob fest! Oh and you know those Nike Blazers I was moaning about last week? Well I rung the shop. Apparently they're meant to be like that...awkward.


Now we all know that I love a good reality tv show (well generally they're not good, they're darn right trashy) and on Thursday a new show started on BBC Three that grabbed my attention. It's by the brains behind Big Fat Gypsy Wedding (Amazing) and it follows 3 young couples and a single mum who have all been put into the same block of flats in South London. It follows their trials and tribulations as new parents and it really struck a cord with me. It was interesting to watch and it brought back memories of those first few weeks when I was a new mum, so nervous and unsure.


I've cracked and have been a bit naughty this week. Not sure if it's due to the cold or me just wanting to be a pig (probably both) but I'm craving comfort food at the moment. Give me chocolate!

Listening to-

I need some new songs to get me in the mood for the gym. I'm liking this Rhianna one at the moment

Thinking about-

This horrible snow and wondering when it's going to let up?! I want to take Ava out on her trike! I'm also having my hair done on Thursday and I'm getting it dyed a darker blonde. Not appreciating the speed at which my roots grow through.

Highlight of the week-

I hate snow with a passion! It's cold, wet and horrible but it's meant that I have spent some quality time with Ava.

Picture of the Week-

Lovely girl watching the snow


Louisa Davies said...

love those blazers! will look great with jeans :)
your lil bub is so cute <3 xxx

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness, I cant believe those trainers come like that...scuffed up already!! How weird!!
Looks like you had a lovely week though...and bless hew watching the snow!

Unknown said...

I know! Weird isn't it. Unless he lied to me... I just wish they made baby ones so Ava could have some!xx

Unknown said...

Thank you. Yesterday was the first day I wore my hi-tops and they're quite painful to break in! I'm soldering through the pain though!xx

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