Sunday, 17 March 2013

Weekly Round-Up #9

So today I bought some hi tops. I've been wanting some for ages as they are easy to wear and comfy and I've jumped onto the Nike Blazer bandwagon-which I didn't really want to do but they were pretty and I liked them. So after parting with £70 of my hard earned cash in Chester's Footlocker today. I opened the box once at home to gaze at them and noticed that there were black scuff marks ALL OVER them! Even on the laces! What a joke! I've basically been sold faulty trainers. I'm gutted! I'm going to have to go all the way back to Chester on Saturday to change them.

Ok, I'm a sucker for reality TV programmes and at the moment I'm enjoying "People Like Us" on BBC 3. It's set in Harpurhey in Manchester and it's a real reality show if you know what I mean. Not scripted like Made in Chelsea or The Only Way Is Essex (although I like them too).

 I'm trying so hard to be good and yesterday I did make my favourite leek & potato soup.

Listening to- 
I'm loving Bastille at the moment. They are amazing. Just listen.

Thinking about-  

Sunshine. I'm really lacking some vitamin D in my life at the moment.

Highlight of the week-
Definitely Ava's 1st birthday party which you can read more about here. It was brilliant but so so tiring. She had a lovely day though which is the main thing.

Picture of the week-

So many but  I love this one of Ava on Friday eve, on her birthday trike from us off for a little stroll. Cute!

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Louisa Davies said...

your little one is so beautiful <3 and pompeii is such a good song i listen to it everyday!


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