Thursday, 4 April 2013

Ava's March

  • In March Ava turned one.

  • Started to stand a lot more unaided.

  • Also started to sleep through the night more frequently (apart from the odd night or two).

  • Is a very determined and active young lady.

  • Likes to feed herself mummy!

  • She now weighs 20lbs and did very well at her 1 year check up. Boosters are next! Eek!

  • We've started to take her swimming more often which she loves and tries to dunk her head under the water (not going to lie, slightly scary)

  • She's developing quite the cool wardrobe.

  • She kisses when you ask her and says "woof woof" (also points to the "woof woof" in books), says mama, dada, Amber (Nath's mum's dog) and hiya. Shakes her head for no, waves, dances and claps.

  • April will definitely be the month you start to walk pretty girl. Then it'll be look out!



EilidhPie said...

She's so sweet! Good luck for when she starts walking - you'll need it ;) xo

Kate Pirouette said...

Gosh! She seems to have grown so much in the short space of time that I've been following your blog! She is gorgeous though, that bunny ears picture is just the sweetest. Clever girl Ava!

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