Thursday, 4 April 2013

March Review

I can't believe that March is over already! It seems like only yesterday I was writing the February review.

Obviously the main thing to happen this month was Ava turning one! My baby is turning into a toddler and it's going far too quickly! We have so much fun these days but it only seems like yesterday that she was a little dot.

Other big news in March- it snowed and we were snowed in! Crazy! I really hate snow and by March I'm starting to unpack all my summer wear but it is STILL so cold with snow still on the ground in places. It feels like the winter is never ending and I want it to go away now.

I went to the gym a lot more and started eating better, confession this has lapsed since we had the snow day. Don't judge me, I like to eat when I'm cold. I will be getting back into this pronto though.

The teething monster was still rearing his ugly head during March.

And we also had a lovely bank holiday with the family.

I wonder what April will bring, one of the major things on the cards is Ava's bedroom makeover, I can't wait to blog about it when it's done. Oh and here's to warmer weather!!!

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