Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Supermarket Chic

When we are having one of our "lazy Wednesdays" or if Ava is off to nursery to paint and play in sand, I tend to put her in one of her "cheaper" outfits. By cheaper I mean something that has been bought from Primark, H & M or indeed from a supermarket.

Before having Ava I never really thought about buying clothes from supermarkets but now I love them! Cheaper definitely doesn't mean compromising on quality or cuteness! And I feel that babies grow out of things so quickly it seems daft to spend hundreds of pounds on a wardrobe selection which will only last a few months. They have some great cheap & cheerful bits on offer!

Here are some of my picks-

Florence & Fred- Tesco

Floral Print Mac £8.00
Pineapple Tshirt £3.00
Pink Chinos with Floral Belt £6.00
Spot Tshirt and Ruffle Dungarees set £10
High Top Shoes £5.00
Leopard Print Harem Trousers £5.00

George at Asda

Heart Print Woven Shorts from £4.00
All Over Print Top from £7.00

Jersey Jumpsuit from £6.00

2 Pack Nightdresses from £5.00

Marks and Spencer

Striped Dress with Belt from £18

Wide Waistband Floral Trousers from £12

Walkmates Leather Plait Sandals £22

Walkmates Leather Floral Appliqué Shoes £22

So next time you're out doing your grocery shopping make sure you take a walk down the clothing aisle. 

You'll definitely find some hidden gems at purse friendly prices.

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Kate Pirouette said...

Could a grown up wear those yellow sandals? Please say yes....

Kate x
Just Pirouette and Carry On...

EilidhPie said...

I think the majority of Aidens wardrobe is fromAsda - they grow so fast I refuse to spend all my money on expensive clothes! The quality of most of the things I've bought has been very good (minus one pair of asda jeans, which I think was a dud pair, and anything from primark) so why pay more? Xo

Unknown said...

Too cute aren't they! Ava NEEDS them! xx

Unknown said...

They have some really lovely bits in supermarkets. It's one of my favourite things to do when we go to big stores! I love having a mooch! xx

Hannah said...

Umm.... Love that jumpsuit! Just another March mama popping by.... xx

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