Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Supermarket Chic

When we are having one of our "lazy Wednesdays" or if Ava is off to nursery to paint and play in sand, I tend to put her in one of her "cheaper" outfits. By cheaper I mean something that has been bought from Primark, H & M or indeed from a supermarket.

Before having Ava I never really thought about buying clothes from supermarkets but now I love them! Cheaper definitely doesn't mean compromising on quality or cuteness! And I feel that babies grow out of things so quickly it seems daft to spend hundreds of pounds on a wardrobe selection which will only last a few months. They have some great cheap & cheerful bits on offer!

Here are some of my picks-

Florence & Fred- Tesco

Floral Print Mac £8.00
Pineapple Tshirt £3.00
Pink Chinos with Floral Belt £6.00
Spot Tshirt and Ruffle Dungarees set £10
High Top Shoes £5.00
Leopard Print Harem Trousers £5.00

George at Asda

Heart Print Woven Shorts from £4.00
All Over Print Top from £7.00

Jersey Jumpsuit from £6.00

2 Pack Nightdresses from £5.00

Marks and Spencer

Striped Dress with Belt from £18

Wide Waistband Floral Trousers from £12

Walkmates Leather Plait Sandals £22

Walkmates Leather Floral Appliqué Shoes £22

So next time you're out doing your grocery shopping make sure you take a walk down the clothing aisle. 

You'll definitely find some hidden gems at purse friendly prices.

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