Saturday, 27 April 2013

Taking five

If you're a parent too you will know that it's pretty full on and tiring and if you've been following my blog for a while you'll know that occasionally Nath and I like to take five and have some time together.

Back in January we went to Chester (you can read that post here) and it's usually pretty exhausting when we go away. We get to the hotel, get ready, head out for a meal, then drinks, don't get back to the hotel until very late & wake up early to go shopping. We tend to leave even more exhausted than when we arrived and although we have a lovely time it's not a rest as such. So last time we were away I suggest to Nath that next time we would actually relaxed and do nothing.

So a few weeks ago we booked to stay over at Carden Park Hotel. It's about 45mins away from us, has 2 golf courses and a spa. It's in the countryside but only a short drive from Chester city centre. It's also a popular wedding venue (but a tad out of our price range). We'd been looking forward to this stay for weeks but unfortunately a few days before Ava developed a horrible cough, she was back in our bed, restless nights and prickly eyes all round. I took her to the Dr's on Tuesday evening, he told me that she had a mild chest infection and prescribed her some antibiotics. Being the paranoid mother that I am, I no longer wanted to go away. She was due to stay with Nath's mum who is obviously more than capable of looking after her, but I felt so guilty! I didn't want Ava to think that we'd just abandoned her and I also didn't want Nath's mum to feel put upon. Nath assured me that by Thursday she would be feeling better and she was.

We arrived at the hotel around 4.00pm it was a five minute drive up the long winding path which sits between both golf courses, the hotel is very plush and welcoming. We quickly headed up to our room, threw our bags on the king sized bed and admired the view of the golf course and rolling hills out of the window. This is going to sound extremely sad but as Nath and I don't get to work out together very often we made our way to the gym, it was a lot smaller than I'm used to but we got on with it and Nath showed me some new exercises. Back in our room we bought out the treats!

I proceeded to shower, take my makeup of, put my favourite PJ's on and settle into bed with a cold Corona, tube of Pringles and some dips. Pretty much heaven.

 We ordered some room service and put a film on, by the time our burgers arrived we'd eaten the whole tube of Pringles and I for one was feeling pretty sick.

It didn't stop me from giving the burger my best shot though, It was topped with bacon & cheese and it was pretty darn good. Unfortunately it defeated me. We then bought out the chocolate and Nath fell asleep half way through the film as standard. Early night then!

After a good nights sleep in the huge bed we head down for breakfast. Now breakfast in a hotel is pretty much my favourite so much choice and it's all so good. Breakfast at Carden Park did not disappoint! I started with Pain au Chocolate, yogurt and berries and sausage, hash brown, beans and egg to finish. Nath went a bit crazy-Coco Pops, toast, pastry and a full English! We were meant to be checking out the pool and spa facilities after breakfast which is included in the room price but Nath, unsurprisingly, felt a little full so we went back to the room instead.

Ready to shop! This is one of my typical daytime outfits: Hat- Topshop, Cardigan-Topshop, Vest tops- both New Look, Jeans- River Island, Nike Blazers, Necklace-New Look

 After our 11am check out we went to Chester, we have a Christening tomorrow and I wanted to buy a new dress. I bought a Topshop number and Nath got himself a new shirt. It's nice to go away sometimes but I always miss Ava like crazy! She had her measles jab yesterday afternoon bless her and I've somehow caught a cold and feel completely rotten! Oh well, back to it! If you have any nice hotels to recommend I would love to hear them!

Dress- Topshop £35


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