Sunday, 7 April 2013

Wedding Chat- An Update

Hi people!

Okay so it's been a while since I've broached the wedding subject.

A few weeks ago I wrote this post about how there were a few changes going on, I was very cryptic but I can now reveal that we were thinking of putting the wedding on hold (gasp!), not because we didn't want to get married, not at all, because we were in two minds as to whether we should buy a house first or get married. Very confusing stuff! Especially as we have a littley to consider. It was a bit touch and go at the time, we'd been toying with the idea of a smaller wedding abroad, I'd even looked at Gretna Green (for you international readers Gretna Green is a place in Scotland where people go to elope). Anyway, panic over the wedding is still on!

We are still getting married on Friday 22nd August 2014 but are thinking of having a late ceremony, possibly 3.30-4.00pm. Why? Well as I've mentioned before Nath has a rather large family and we didn't want to go through the awkwardness of dishing out day & evening invitations. My step-dad had the super idea of having a late ceremony, that way everyone could come and we would only need one meal that everyone could enjoy which would save on cost. Plus no one would feel like a second class citizen by only being invited to the evening do, so everyone's a winner!

We then came to the issue of a venue. As you may have read previously I wanted to get married in a marquee on my Uncle's farm. Unfortunately after shopping around a bit I discovered that the type of marquee I wanted would set us back approximately £6,000 (ouch!) then you had to add the toilets onto that, the generator etc...and if it rained on the day it would be pretty much ruined! So my step-dad had another idea (he's full of great ideas that man!) why not get married at my place of work. I bet you're all now thinking-Huh?! I work in a beautiful old private school which is set in the middle of the countryside. It really is stunning and gets compared to Harry Potter's Hogwarts all the time. We do hold weddings at the school and have a couple of rooms where we hold the receptions. It also has lovely grassed terraces which look out onto the rolling countryside. I've been working there for 4 years and although it's a stunning place, to me it's work. When my step-dad suggested holding our wedding reception there I remember scrunching up my face and saying "I'm not getting married where I work!", but the more I thought about it the more it made sense. It was big enough, pretty enough, I worked opposite the Lettings Officer who would be co-ordinating my wedding. Why not? 

So there we go, it's booked! I'm so excited to get back into wedding mode! One of my oldest friends bought round some wedding magazines for me earlier and I've had fun flicking through them this afternoon.

So expect more wedding posts soon. In the meantime you can get yourselves up to speed on my previous wedding posts-

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Aanika said...

Oh a wedding! How exciting!! I love weddings so looking forward to hearing more! xx

Unknown said...

I'm so excited to share more details soon!xx

Unknown said...

Hiya I'm your newest follower :-)
Love reading your wedding post and look forward to reading more!

Laura xx

Unknown said...

Hi Laura, thank you for following :) xx

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