Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Weekly Round-Up #13

Wow! I'm super late with this post this week. Ava's been a poorly girl so the lack of sleep has taken it's toll on me!


It was an exciting week last week! Ava had her first pair of shoes on Monday. Proper little leather pre-walkers from Clarks. They're so cute and they really make a fuss in Clarks. They give you a special "first shoes" box to keep them in, take a picture, give you a little book and a chart to track babies foot growth. Ava was pleased as punch with her new shoes and they've given her a lot more confidence. She's holding her balance a lot better with these on her feet and- I know I say this every week- I really think she'll be walking soon!

The sun also shone on Saturday so I dug out a jumpsuit that we bought her for Christmas (we were keen for some sunshine even then!) it's made with very thin material so it was the first time she had worn it, it's from H&M and the lacy Tshirt underneath is Primark.


Made in Chelsea is back! Yay! Another cure for my trash TV addiction. If you've never watched this programme (why not?!) it's a reality show about a group of hot young things from Chelsea in London (the posh area) and what they get up to. Usually contains alot of tears and tantrums. Gripping stuff!


I went out for a lovely meal on Tuesday with some friends. We went to a local restaurant for the early bird. I was too busy nattering away to take any nice pictures, I really am useless on the picture front, i need to get better! I also made one of our favourite meals this week Lorraine Pascale's salmon and sweet potato fishcakes. They're amazing but I wouldn't dare post a picture as they definitely don't look amazing...

Listening to

This is my song of the week. It's making me think of the summer.

Thinking about

Nath and I have planned a night away on Thursday but I took Ava to the Dr's last night as she's had a nasty cough for a few days and he told me that she has a mild chest infection. She's been prescribed anti-biotics which I've started to give to her but if she still isn't well I won't want to go. Hoping my little sausage feels better soon.

Highlight of the week

We had a nice saturday with some of my friends. We took Ava to the park and went for a drink. They all make a big fuss of Ava which is really nice.


April said...

Love this sort of post. Poor Ava! hope she is feeling better now. I love the whole clarks things and cant wait to take Lilly there x

Unknown said...

Thank you :) Clarks is so lovely. I already have my eye on a cute pair of sandals for our holiday! X

Victoria - WTPP said...

Lovely little milestone :) as for made in vile is Spencer this season?

Unknown said...

I know! He's just awful! I was quite dissapointed louise didn't slap him in the last episode! xx

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