Thursday, 2 May 2013

Ava's April

Remember at the end of March when I said that April was going to be the month that Ava started to walk? Yes well it wasn't! I've decided not to give it another thought. You will walk when you're ready little girl. 

However here is what Ava DID get up to last month:

Ava is such a good eater, stir-fry, curry, raisins, egg. You've got it, Ava will eat it! The girl's a machine. I'm so pleased not only for her but also for me. I feel like it's such an achievement  Never in a million years did I think I would be giving her stir-fry and let her feed herself.

She now has a lovely head of golden locks. Very fine but lots of it, like her mother's. Poor girl!

She loves the swings in the park so much!

She has such a cheeky little personality. It's developing all the time and is so lovely to watch. She has me in fits of laughter most days.

Likes singing little songs to herself.

Points to her nose when you ask her where it is. Points to mummy or daddy when you ask where they are. Likes to walk pushing her stroller. Enjoys putting her baby in the pram and rocking it. Said baby is often upside down.

Apart from a chest infection this month my girl has been as bright as a button. Long may it continue.

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