Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Mummy's favourites part 1

It can be tough be a new mum and trying to figure out which products work for your baby and which ones don't. 

It was a real trial and error with certain things in our house but we now have some well established favourites that I wanted to share. 

I have made a list of my top 10 favourite products but have broken it down into two separate posts as it would just be too darn long! 

These products are in no particular order as I love them all equally.

 Please note that this is not a sponsored post. These are all my own thoughts and honest opinions.

The Gro Company

Grobags, in my opinion, are fabulous inventions! As a first time mum the thought of Ava kicking her blankets over her head in the night terrified me but the Gro bag has given me such piece of mind! The designs are beautiful and you can pick between various togs. We currently have three but I am thinking of investing in some more as Ava absolutely loves hers. She loves them so much that I actually bought her a duvet but she HATED it with a passion and screamed until I put her back into her Gro bag! New mummies this is definitely one for the checklist!

Angelcare monitors

For me Angelcare are the créme de la créme of baby monitors. Yes they are pricey our movement and sound monitor cost around £70 but I would not be without mine. The movement pad is placed under baby's mattress, be it Moses basket or cot and it picks up babies breathing, an alarm goes off after 20 seconds if nothing is detected. Yes we've had some pretty hairy moments when I've ran into Ava's bedroom in the middle of the night with the sound of the alarm ringing in my ears, only to find that she'd rolled off the sensor pad and it couldn't detect her. The few scary moments we've had are incomparable to the amount of peace of mind it has given me. To be honest I have never had to use the monitor part as our house is relatively small and I keep the doors open. I've 100% had my money's worth from this product.

Little Me 

Johnsons baby products don't do it for me. I know that when you think of baby bath products you automatically think Johnsons but their products just did not agree with Ava's skin. I have mentioned in previous posts that Ava's skin was starting to dry out, I tried various products and then came across Little Me's products. What I love about these products is that they are made by mums and they are organic. I use the Oh So Gentle body wash and the Oh So Gentle bubble bath. You can pick them up in your local Boots store. Whilst Ava still has the occasional dry patch these products have helped her skin no end. I highly recommend.

Oilatum Junior

Whilst we're on the subject of skincare I may aswell share another tip. I don't use talcum powder on Ava. I used to and I love them smell but it just dries out her skin too much! I was recommended Oilatum Junior by my auntie who uses it on my cousin. Every night after her bath I smear it on her "problem" areas and it's really helped to re-hydrate her skin. What I'm saying is don't feel like you have to talc your baby after every bath like I did. Some babies just don't take to it. It's okay to moisturise too and oilatum is a goodie!

Ella's Kitchen

I've spoken before about my big love for Ella's kitchen. If you're a regular reader you will know that I was terrified of weaning. Utterly terrified! But Ella's Kitchen really helped me. Ava's always been a fab eater, it was always my issue with choking that created the fear but Ella's Kitchen pouches are brilliant. The "stages" really helped me to progress and when Ava started on lumpier foods the lumps were just the right size. Not as big as the lumps I found in the usual baby jars. They ooze goodness and I love the different flavours. Ava now eats what we eat but these were a huge hit with her and I cannot praise them enough!

So those are my top baby brands so far! Stay tuned for the rest!

What are your favourites?

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Alex Gladwin said...

Great post!

I agree about the gro bags, I use them for Ethan and they offer such peace of mind! I haven't brought a baby monitor yet but I think I will be going for an Angelcare monitor as I've heard great things about them, I've been looking into the one you've got for the same reasons you've mentioned.
I've not heard of Little Me products before but after reading this am interested in giving them a go, so far we've just been using Johnsons products so I'd like to try something else to see what effect if any they have on Ethans skin.

Bump to Baby

EilidhPie said...

I loved Ella's Kitchen - the stage 2 pouches were perfect for Aiden when he wasn't quite ready for lumps! I'll need to try that Oilatum, the wee mans legs are very dry at the moment and johnsons lotion only works for a wee while! Xo

Unknown said...

I totally recommend Angel Care monitors, they're really brilliant! I can't can't bear to switch mine off though :/ only problem. Little Me products are great, they've really helped Ava's skin. I find Johnsons so heavily perfumed for little ones! xx

Unknown said...

Same here. I liked that they were textured not lumpy. She loved them. Oilatum is a really good creme. It's around £5 but has lasted us ages!xx

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