Saturday, 18 May 2013

Sometimes I feel like throwing my hands up in the air...

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I always say that you can never explain to anyone what having a baby is like, that is until they have one of their own and then they know what all the fuss is about!

Being a mum is amazing, fun and exciting but it's also exhausting, frustrating and sometimes scary.

Yesterday one of my favourite bloggers Charl, who I have mentioned before, posted this fab post about keeping it real. I thought god she's right! I rarely post about my trials and tribulations but this week has been a long one so I thought I'd follow Charl's example and share some things that are true but I try and hide under the carpet:

  • Sometimes when Ava wakes up and starts whinging I'll lie there for a while willing her to go back to sleep. She rarely does. Then I get up.
  • Sometimes I wish that Ava wasn't such a darn fast crawler and that she would actually start to walk properly. My back is in pieces from bending down to pick her up.
  • I've discovered that I don't deal with lack of sleep very well and I get a bit short-tempered and very sweary. Sorry mum.
  • I wish my house didn't look like a bomb site 24/7 but it does. Then again I wish I wasn't so messy and disorganised. I still blame the baby.
  • I check on Ava before I go to bed more times than is probably considered normal. Even though she still sleeps with her Angel Care monitor on
  • I HATE washing up and more often than not will leave it until the next day.
  • I wish more than anything that my mum lived closer to us. She lives over 2 over away and to be honest it bloody sucks!
  • Most nights I don't take my make-up off. I'm lazy.
  • I try and go to the gym 2-3 times a week and I honestly work my socks off when I'm there but so far I've not seen much change so I might aswell give up and just eat cake!
  • I have an intolerance to wine which is just devastating so some nights, usually on a Friday I'll have a vodka & orange juice. Large vodka/ orange. I'm all about the hard liquor.
  • Sometimes I think about the non-baby years and sigh and remember how easy it used to be. And the lie-ins. Oh the lie-ins. What are those again?
  • Some nights I really can't be bothered to make a meal from scratch. Ava can have tinned Peppa Pig pasta shapes on toast and I'll just have cereal. (This rarely happens FYI)
    • Sometimes I just lie on the sofa and let Ava loose in the living room. She reeks havoc but I don't mind. She's happy.
So there we have it. Those are my confessions.

What are yours?

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