Saturday, 18 May 2013

Sometimes I feel like throwing my hands up in the air...

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I always say that you can never explain to anyone what having a baby is like, that is until they have one of their own and then they know what all the fuss is about!

Being a mum is amazing, fun and exciting but it's also exhausting, frustrating and sometimes scary.

Yesterday one of my favourite bloggers Charl, who I have mentioned before, posted this fab post about keeping it real. I thought god she's right! I rarely post about my trials and tribulations but this week has been a long one so I thought I'd follow Charl's example and share some things that are true but I try and hide under the carpet:

  • Sometimes when Ava wakes up and starts whinging I'll lie there for a while willing her to go back to sleep. She rarely does. Then I get up.
  • Sometimes I wish that Ava wasn't such a darn fast crawler and that she would actually start to walk properly. My back is in pieces from bending down to pick her up.
  • I've discovered that I don't deal with lack of sleep very well and I get a bit short-tempered and very sweary. Sorry mum.
  • I wish my house didn't look like a bomb site 24/7 but it does. Then again I wish I wasn't so messy and disorganised. I still blame the baby.
  • I check on Ava before I go to bed more times than is probably considered normal. Even though she still sleeps with her Angel Care monitor on
  • I HATE washing up and more often than not will leave it until the next day.
  • I wish more than anything that my mum lived closer to us. She lives over 2 over away and to be honest it bloody sucks!
  • Most nights I don't take my make-up off. I'm lazy.
  • I try and go to the gym 2-3 times a week and I honestly work my socks off when I'm there but so far I've not seen much change so I might aswell give up and just eat cake!
  • I have an intolerance to wine which is just devastating so some nights, usually on a Friday I'll have a vodka & orange juice. Large vodka/ orange. I'm all about the hard liquor.
  • Sometimes I think about the non-baby years and sigh and remember how easy it used to be. And the lie-ins. Oh the lie-ins. What are those again?
  • Some nights I really can't be bothered to make a meal from scratch. Ava can have tinned Peppa Pig pasta shapes on toast and I'll just have cereal. (This rarely happens FYI)
    • Sometimes I just lie on the sofa and let Ava loose in the living room. She reeks havoc but I don't mind. She's happy.
So there we have it. Those are my confessions.

What are yours?

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Hannah said...

I spend a lot of time trying to work out which battles I should pick.
Yesterday I let her watch Driver Dan on the iPad for an hour.

It's ok. I think!

Helen said...

I've flushed a few poo-filled baby wipes down the toilet in my time. I know I shouldn't but in a tiny flat with bins 2 flights downstairs and not wanting the whole flat to smell of death at 2am you kinda do some cheeky stuff like that. Kinda goes against my whole cloth nappy user eco-warrior princess side.

Kate Pirouette said...

Hello, my name is Kate and its been nearly six months since I last bought a toothbrush. Also, I often wear laddered tights, drink milk out the bottle and stick my fingers in the Nutella.

That is all.

Kate ;)
Just Pirouette and Carry On...

Kim Carberry said...

hahaha! Great post!! I can relate to so much of it!!

Super Busy Mum said...

All parents are in that very same boat. Heck, I know I am! And I'm a Mum of five! Everywhere I turn there is someone asking me for something...all...the...time! So I can most certainly relate. However at the end of the day, we are all just human.

I loved this post! x

Vanessa said...

Love this! (As I rock my newborn to sleep with one eye open) haha

Unknown said...

I love this post! All of it is so true, and I'm exactly the same as you by the sound of it! I have a little boy that's coming up 2 so I do a lot of running around and picking up at the moment! :) xxx

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