Monday, 6 May 2013

Weekly Round-up #14

Today has been a bank holiday in the U.K but not for me. I was working! I know, it sucked to be me today. Especially as the weather was so gorgeous. I hope that you were all too hungover to enjoy it!


Now if you're a mama too, you'll know that us mama's don't usually buy ourselves anything new. We'll pretty much dress ourselves in rags so that our babies can have cute new clothes, well not quite that drastic but you get my drift. Anyway, yesterday we had a Christening to attend and on Thursday I am going to Ladies Day at the races. So I obviously needed a new outfit...

I wouldn't normally pick something blue but I liked the lacy, tie-dye effect of this Topshop dress. I paired it with my new favourite shoes. These little beauties were from ASOS and my cute new bag (below) is also from Topshop. 

Dress-Topshop £35. Belt- New Look £2.99. Shoes-ASOS £40


This is one of my guilty pleasures. I could watch re-runs all day. Sad lady.


Today I discovered this. Anything that says "peanut butter" on it I'm a sucker for. This is good.

Listening to

This song has Summer written all over it. An oldie but a goodie.

Will Smith- Miami

Thinking about

I am so ready for some more sunshine and in 6 weeks we're off on our holiday! I can't wait. In 2 weeks we're going to stay with my mum and sneak some holiday shopping in too. I already have my eye on a few bits.

Highlight of the week

This week's highlight was the Christening. Darcie looked so gorgeous and Ava was so good. She stayed with my dad & step mum last night and I always miss her horribly when she's away. I couldn't wait to finish work today so that I could see her. Another highlight has to be this glorious sunshine!

Picture of the week

We took Ava to feed the ducks on Saturday and I'm just in love with this picture.

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