Saturday, 1 June 2013

Ava's May

Remember in last month's post when I said that I will stop saying "next month will be the month Ava starts to walk" and just let her do it in her own time? Well, May was the month that Ava walked! 

She absolutely loves it and we had to buy her some reins to keep hold of her!

Her personality is really starting to shine through. It amazes me how much she can understand. She shakes her head for no, says Peppa (Pig), bubbles and her new favourite "all gone!" complete with hand action. She understand to put things back or when you ask her to get something and give it to you. She's a very bright button.

We do like to watch cartoons together and she has developed some favourites. Peppa Pig being one and Sophia The First. She dances to the music and claps her hands, it's so sweet!

She still loves the water and I'm starting to think that bath time is her favourite time of day. I can't wait to get her in the swimming pool on holiday!

We've been very lucky this past month and illnesses have stayed at bay! She has just started to teeth again though and I'm pretty sure my poor girl is cutting a molar or two! I do feel sorry for her.

Ava is moving up to the toddler group at nursery on Tuesday. It's hard realising that she isn't a baby anymore, she is becoming very independent and now that she's walking it's hard to keep up with her! I love watching her grow and I'm sure that she will change even more over the coming month!

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Kate Pirouette said...

Ahhhh! Congratulations to Ava! I am beginning to wish my little monkey could just walk now, she's getting so mucky crawling around everywhere!

They do grow up quickly don't they?

Kate x
Just Pirouette and Carry On...

Alex Gladwin said...

Lovely post and such great photos. I bet she loves being able to walk about now :) I can't wait until Ethan can do dancing and clap his hands, not that I'm wishing time away because I love how things are right now. There are just so many lovely things like this to look forward to.

Unknown said...

I know Kate! It makes me so sad in a way. They really aren't babies for long! I am glad she's walking I have to say. She was getting so grubby!! xx

Unknown said...

Thanks Alex. It's lovely when they start to interact with you but I do miss her being tiny. It just goes by so fast it's scary! Looking forward to having another one now! Haha xx

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