Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Baby or Toddler?

After my amazing day with Ava on Saturday which you can read about here a few things sunk in:

1). She is growing up so fast
2). She is definitely no longer a baby
3).This is fun!

As a first time mum when Ava was first born I was petrified. I've always been around children and had always thought that I was the maternal type but the weight of responsibility once Ava was finally here was quite frankly terrifying. I would give myself a pat on the back if we managed to get dressed or even go to the shops! I think we muddled along quite nicely but I seemed to be living my life looking for the next milestone, the first smile, laugh, roll, crawl, steps...

But now she's almost 15 months and she's doing it all. I look at her sometimes and wonder where my baby has gone and I wish I could have held on to those moments for a little longer. They really do grow up so fast. But now I am really enjoying myself. I think I have finally relaxed and am finding motherhood a lot easier with a toddler in tow.

I love watching her discover new things and babble away to herself, we can have proper adventures together and lots of laughs. We can start building memories and she has started to show us that she loves us (taking the photo of Nath and I off the fridge this morning and kissing it was one of them).

I have finally found my feet as a mother and it feels so nice. Having a baby is wonderful but having a toddler is even better.

I'm so excited for our next adventure together.

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Alex Gladwin said...

This post makes me so excited for mine and Ethans future. I also pat myself on the back for small things that we achieve. I had NEVER been around children {apart from my bro's and sister} before so I was a complete newbie to babies so I am always impressed with myself, haha.

She is absolutely gorgeous x

Lindsay said...

COMPLETELY agree! I loved having a baby, but I am REALLY loving having a toddler. <3

Unknown said...

You have made me sit and enjoy josh while he can't crawl!! I have been waiting for ages and ages for him to start moving (as hes one now!) but he just doesn't seem bothered and all he wants to do is sit up and play! I am looking forward to him being on the move though! haha xx

EilidhPie said...

I totally agree - of course having a baby is great, but when their wee personalities start to shine through the fun really does begin! :). Xo

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