Saturday, 8 June 2013

Days like this...

Although my parents divorced when I was 6 I have some amazing childhood memories. I was very lucky to be surrounded by wonderful people who loved me and who wanted to give me & my brothers days to remember. That's what I want for Ava, I want her to look back on her childhood with a smile.

I know that she's too young to remember yet but today was amazing. It was a day that I will definitely remember forever.

As Nathan had planned to be out for the whole day I wanted to have a mummy/daughter day with Ava. It needed to be outside and some sort of picnic had to be involved (a must when it's sunny). I have lovely memories of strawberry picking with my grandparents and brother as a youngen but unfortunately the place where we used to go has now closed. After some research it turned out that no pick your own farms nearby had any strawberries ripe enough to pick, due to the crumby weather lately. That was a bummer!  Anyhoo I put my thinking cap on and the idea was literally on my doorstep.

We are lucky enough to live 5 minutes away from Park Hall Farm Countryside Experience. The last time we went was in March, it was pretty cold and Ava wasn't yet walking. As it has been such a beautiful day we headed there, obligatory picnic in tow.

I was a brave mummy today. I went buggy-less! I took Ava's reins and nothing else. Luckily she was extremely well behaved and only tried to run away from me once (hoorah)! We followed the nature trail and parked ourselves on the grass in the woods for our picnic. It was perfect.

She loves strawberries! I hardly got a look in!

"I'm trying to eat here woman!"

There is SO much to see and do at Park Hall Farm! It costs £7.45 for an adult and under 2's go free. (£7.45 for children over 2). We were there for just over 2 hours and although I only paid for me I totally got my money's worth. Once we'd finished we made our way over to the pig racing and then to one of the soft play areas.

And the sandpit.

We saw some ponies.

Pet a gorgeous fluffy bunny (I want one!)

Found a field full of space hoppers

And played with some wiggly mirrors amongst other things.

We then made our way up to my dad's for a barbecue.

Safe to say I'm exhausted tonight. I also have a little visitor in bed with me, so looks like Nath is on the sofa when he comes in! Oops.

I'm off to bed one happy lady!


Alex Gladwin said...

This is just adorable!

It looks like you both had such an awesome time and I LOVE the fact that you are just intent on making sure you create the most wonderful memories for Ava. :)

Alex x

Unknown said...

Thanks Alex! I know she's too little to remember yet but I always make sure I take lots of photos!! xx

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