Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Mummy's Favorites Part 2

Hi all,

A few days ago I wrote this post about some of my favourite baby brands and I thought that I would follow it up today with the second part.

This isn't a sponsored post, these are all my own honest opinions. 

Dr Browns

If you have been following my blog for a while you will know that I struggled to breastfeed. I tried for 3 weeks but ended up with mastitis twice (!) and was in complete agony. We'd initially bought Ava some Avent bottles as I hadn't heard of Dr Browns. Unfortunately the Avent bottles didn't agree with her, they were giving her terrible wind. It was then that a friend recommended the Dr Browns Natural Flow bottles. I was curious and bought a 4ml bottle to begin with. The bottles feature an internal vent system which is designed to reduce air bubbles. We noticed the difference in Ava straight away and I bought another 4ml bottle and 4 8ml bottles. They are quite pricey at £6.99 a bottle but they are worth every penny.


When Ava was born one of my best friends bought her the Jellycat Bashful Bunny Blankie in cream. We call him Snuggy. It's the head of a bunny with the body of a soft fleecy blankie. I instantly fell in love with it and would put it in Ava's moses basket every night hoping that it would become her favourite. Well it is and she has been bought more Jellycat toys since. They make a gorgeous range of soft cuddly toys, teddies and books. I think they make perfect gifts for newborns and small children. Snuggy isn't so cuddly anymore as he's been through the wash a fair few times but Ava still adores him!

Annabel Karmel

I have written before about my admiration for Annabel. She is one of the most successful cookery writers in the UK and has earned a well deserved MBE. As a new mum the thought of weaning absolutely terrified me and I bought Annabel's weaning book to see if it could help. It did, so much! I was now making quick, easy and most of all healthy meals from scratched that Ava really enjoyed. Most of all the change was within me. I grew from a terrified first time mum who would dread meal times to a confident, happy mum and I can't thank Annabel enough.

Zara, Primark and H&M

What do these three stores have in common? They all sell baby clothes and they are my favourite places to shop for Ava. Zara has the most to die for children's range. If I could I would buy it all but unfortunately it isn't the cheapest place on earth. Ava does have a lot of gorgeous bit from there but for the days that she is going to nursery or just roaming about the house I but her in her cheaper bits from H&M or Primark.

I have my eye on this gorgeous jumper from Zara

Zara £14.99

And this sweet little dress from H&M

H&M £2.99


You may recall that we recently bought Ava her first pair of proper shoes. We went to Clarks as I think more parents in the UK do and the service was second to none. Yes the shoes are pricey but I am a great believer in you get what you pay for and the quality of Clarks shoes are brilliant. They make "cruisers" too which are for babies who aren't quite walking yet. These are fab as Ava was starting to scuff so many shoes crawling about. They really make a big deal of baby's first shoes too which is lovely. You can read more about our experience in this post.

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