Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Weekly Round-Up #18

Next Saturday we are off to Tenerife (eek) so I apologise in advance if my posts are sparse. If you miss me (ha!) you can follow me on Twitter here and instagram here both of which I use a lot!

Well we're back to our winter woollies! Typical British Summer! This is a good thing in some ways, I've put our Summer clothes to one side and they are all clean and ironed. At least we won't be messing them up before we go! One less job (which is always welcome). On another note if you already follow me on Twitter or Instagram you would have already seen this but I just had to share it on my blog. Ava went to her first fancy dress party on Saturday and wore this uber-cute fairy costume (from Asda). Her little friend Poppy whose 1st birthday it was wore a Winnie the Pooh costume! It was beyond adorable!


I've been trying to eat well because of our upcoming holiday but I've fallen off the waggon a few times (KFC, cake...whoops.) And this week is going to be a bit boring as we haven't done much shopping before going away! Salad leaves and dairylea it is. Yum! I also had my first hog roast bap at a Summer fete on Saturday. It was lovely although Ava pinched half of it! She loved it!

Ava loving the attention from Nath & my dad

Listening to

I love this.

Thinking about

The holiday, obviously! And the million and one things that I have to do until then!!

Highlight of the week

Ava's started teething again. Poor girl has 2 molars coming through and a horrific nappy rash so highlights have been few and far between. We had a lovely day on Sunday for Father's day. Nath loved his canvas and personalised phonecase from Casetagram

Last week I started a new feature where I will be sharing the 5 things that made me smile every week.

Here are this weeks five:
1) Ava in her fairy costume (eeks)
2) The thought of being on holiday
 3) My new hair colour (I've gone a smidge darker)
4) Nath's face when he unwrapped his Father's day presents
5) Ava on the bouncy castle at the Summer fete

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Unknown said...

We came off the band wagon last weekend too KFC as well ! We went to ASDA yesterday and brought loads of Salad and are going to have a Jacket spud week too get back on it . Hope you have a good time away look forward to seeing the pictures :-)

Isabel said...

enjoy your trip!

Isabel @ Walk of Fashion

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