Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Ava wears in July

If you follow me on Instagram you'll know that I'm always buying or being gifted new clothes for Ava. I especially can't resist Zara! I 'm bordering on a woman obsessed!

 Below are a few of the outfits Ava has been wearing lately.

 Tshirt-Bluezoo/Jeans- Zara Baby/ Cardigan-Hand knit/ Shoes-Nike Blazers/ Hat- Next

Don't worry I'm not into child cruelty, Ava wore this outfit before the beginning of this heatwave. The tshirt was a gift from Nathan's sister, it's so darn cute and the jeans were in the Zara sale. I couldn't resist, I wouldn't mind a pair for myself. The cardigan was hand knit for us, unfortunately not by me. My hand are not so nimble.

Jumpsuit- H&M/ Tshirt- Primark/ Sandals-Zara/ Hat-Next

Nath says she looks like a farmer in this hat but I like it. The jumpsuit is very thin so it is perfect on cooler sunny days.

Dress- Zara/ Sandals-Zara

I absolutely love this little dress, it was bought for Ava's first birthday by my best friend. The lace detail is just gorgeous and I love the pop of colour from the sandals.


I spotted these bad boys on the  Zara website a while ago and lust was born. Unfortunately at the time I couldn't justify the price tag but when I saw them in the sale I snapped them right up! They're currently too big for Ava but I'm imagining them with some red jeans and a white jumper.

Dress- M&Co

Sorry for the crappy picture, she was running around and this is the best I could do. This dress is adorable, again another gift for her 1st birthday. It's always been a little big and this was it's first outing. Isn't it sweet!


Again, another Zara number (told you I'm obsessed). I couldn't resist popping into the Zara we spotted in Tenerife. We just had to get her this tshirt, the slogan is very apt.

Dress-Bluezoo/ Hat-Next

I find Bluezoo's clothing a little hit and miss but when they get it right, I love it. My gran bought this dress for Ava and I adore it. It's one my favourite outfits on her. I love the ruffled of the shoulder straps and the way that the blue really brings out her eyes.

So there you have it. What do you think? Which outfit do you like the best?

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anna said...

all of them are so cute! i so need a girl to dress up :D

Victoria - WTPP said...

The last ditsy print dress..this is what im like witg next, obsessed! WTTP - The little lady with a baby! said...

So cute, im addicted to buying Emme clothes she has way too many lol xx

Aanika said...

Oh I absolutely love that little hat in the first pic! She is just too cute x

EilidhPie said...

She's such a stylish little lady! I love the leopard print shoes and M&Co dress! Xo

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