Monday, 1 July 2013

Ava wears- On holiday

I started this series a while ago but haven't followed it up. I enjoy reading them on other peoples blogs though so I think I will make this a regular thing. You can read the other post here.

 I'll admit I am a complete shopaholic when it comes to Ava's wardrobe. I'm still in clothes that I bought 2 years ago but Ava always has something new. Our recent holiday was no exception and I wanted to share with you some of the little outfit that she wore during our trip.

Nike Blazers/JD Sports

 Now I have a pair of Nike Blazers and Nath has a pair of Nike Blazers so it felt only right that Ava should have her own pair. Nathan has always had new trainers for holiday so he wanted to carry on his obsession tradition with Ava. These look so darn cute!

 Hat/Disney Store - Swimsuit/Next - Jelly Shoes/Asda

Ava was very good at keeping her hat on and the jelly shoes were fantastic and only £4. Isn't her swimming costume adorable, I love it!

 Dungarees/H&M - Tshirt/Primark - Sandals/Zara Baby

I love this laidback outfit. It's so cheap too, the dungarees were around £6 and the tshirt was only £1.50!!! What a bargain!

 Playsuit/Primark - Nike Blazers/JD Sports

Another laidback look. Ava's started to try and run now so the trainers are perfect for that. The playsuit was another bargain at £6!

Dress/Benetton *- Sandals/Zara Baby

You may remember this dress which we were kindly gifted by the folks at Zalando (read the review here) I adore it and it's the perfect summer dress, very pretty and lightweight.

Top & Leggings/both Boots - Shoes/Clarks - Reins/ John Lewis

This outfit was bought for Ava by my mum. She's so tiny it's more of a tunic on her than a top but it still looks lovely. The reins were such a great help. I recommend them entirely.

So there you have it, some of Ava's holiday outfits. She did wear more but it is ridiculously hard to take photos of a toddler standing still but I will definitely try and make these posts a regular thing.

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