Sunday, 21 July 2013

I do love to be beside the seaside

We have some lovely beaches in the UK, shame that we rarely get the change to enjoy them due to the generally rubbish weather! However for the last two weeks the weather has been beautiful and we wanted to make the most of it.

Unfortunately I pulled my back last week and was off work but after some physio on Friday I felt 100 times better and was raring to go. Yesterday Nath and I took Ava to Barmouth and the weather was amazing. Ava loved the beach when we were in Tenerife and as soon as she saw the sea she started getting very excited.

We explored the small town which was full to the brim of tea shops and little shops selling plastic buckets and fishing nets. We had a milkshake and Ava just had to have a windmill and a ball...

We played on the penny machines in the arcade and had the best fish & chips I've ever tasted on the promenade. I think they generally just taste better at the seaside.

We paddled in the sea, collected seashells and made castles that were quickly knocked down by an over enthusiastic toddler...


Needless to say we didn't want to come home, Nath said he wished we were staying the night. It's not too far from us and (weather permitting) is a lovely day out.

We've got a lot coming up in the next few weeks so it was nice to take some time out just the three of us.

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