Monday, 15 July 2013

My top "holiday with a toddler" tips

Hi everyone!

As you will know we recently returned from a holiday in Tenerife which you can read more about here.

 This wasn't Ava's first holiday, last year when she was 6 months old we took her to Cyprus but it was so different this time, mainly because A) she is now walking and B) she is very determined.

I wanted to share some things that I found useful on this holiday:

1- The flight. I won't lie to you, the flight to Tenerife was awful. I thought that we had it sussed, plenty of snacks, toys, her milk and her PJs to change her into. She would sleep and it would be a piece of cake right? Wrong! She did not want to sleep, she wanted to raul about in the cramped space that is an Easy jet aircraft. Oh how I longed for extra leg room. The tip, well we did take DVD player with us but us being us we hadn't charged it enough (doh), however, it did help in the room. All I can say is, take plenty of distractions and if that fails, they like to roam the aisles...

2- Pool wear. We spent money on cute swimsuits from Next but in hindsight all she needed was a swimming nappy, a tshirt, her hat and jelly shoes. The jelly shoes were fantastic, I highly recommend them. They stopped her from slipping in the pool and protected her little toes when she went paddling in the stony sea. Take a couple of hats for the pool, Ava only had one which she smeared with chocolate ice cream on the first day and it often fell in the pool leaving it sopping wet. I always made sure I had at least two tshirts in her changing bag ready to change her as soon as she got out of the pool.

3-Ponchos. Don't worry I don't mean the ones that are more commonly worn with a sombrero, I mean those cute towelling ones you can get for around the pool. I found these great, Ava was in and out of the pool so often they were so handy to throw on her when she got out to keep her warm and dry.

4- Reins. These were a lifesaver. Ava loves to trot off on her own and she's blummin quick. I wanted to get her the reins with the little rucksack on the back but my mum pointed out that on holiday she would be too warm with it on her back. We bought some from John Lewis in the end and they did the trick. They were also super handy to tie her into the highchair in the hotel as it had no straps.

5-Jelly shoes. The best £4 I have ever spent. Ava wore them everywhere and is still wearing them now. They keep her feet cool and enclosed, she has a pair of pretty sandals that she wears for occasions but jelly shoes are the way forward. Believe me.

6- Snacks. Ava didn't eat much on holiday. It was hot and she was teething, I'm so glad that we took little snacks for her to eat when she felt a bit peckish. Raisins, rice cakes, pom bears, rusks... So handy to have and you can keep them in the room if you don't have a fridge.

7- Suncream with insect repellent. Those mozzies and midges are right little blighters, most insect repellents aren't suitable for little ones either so these are great.

8- An array of sun hats.  Ava had 2 hats one for pool activities and another for non-pool activities. In hindsight I should have taken 2 hats (at least) for the pool. Ava enjoys trying to dunk her head under the water so I'd take a few if I were you.

9-Milk. Luckily Ava drank the milk abroad with no problem but I would take powdered milk if this is something you are unsure of.

10- Just a little tip for you parents. Don't bother taking any books, magazines or kindles because you probably won't get time to read them...

I hope that some of these tips help you a little. Are you planning a holiday this year?

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